12 Most:  12 Most Delightful Baking Blogs

A lovely video shout out from KC from Chat 'n Dish on The Food Channel: Watch the video for a great recipe for Italian Lolli Burgers or click here to go straight to the part about moi!

Hear my Plum Pudding Story on The Story with Dick Gordon:
Plum Pudding Story


Mention on The Kitchn: Cooking by Feel: Moving Beyond the Recipe

Interview with me on The Reluctant Gourmet.

Contributing Author for the Cooking Manual Starting from Scratch by Greg Kime from How to Cook Like Your Grandmother

Article about Moi using Google + to teach baking by Jill Warren Lucas for Indy Week.

Good Day Google + with host Chef Dennis Littley. The other awesome guests were David Amerland and Heather Fay:

Baking Basics with Jenni Field Pastry Chef Online and The Hungry Goddess. Podcast

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