Three French Toast Recipes for New Year’s Brunch

Friends, it is time to kiss 2016 goodbye, either with a good riddance or a fond farewell, depending on your perspective. Either way, we will be bidding hello to 2017 in just a couple of days, and what better way than with three French Toast Recipes for New Year's Brunch? Breakfast on New Year's Day comes too early, but brunch can happen after a long, leisurely sleep-in. Here's a long pin for you to save all three recipes, or read on for links to each recipe. Enjoy!

Three French Toast Recipes for New Year's Brunch, one is a baked French toast muffin recipe, one is a recipe for deep fried French toast, and the third is for making French toast with Moravian Sugar Cake. Enjoy! |

I have three French toast recipes for you today. One makes individual servings, one is deep fried, and one makes use of leftover Moravian Sugar Cake (if you have enough willpower to leave it alone, that is)! Click the photos to find the recipes.

Hawaiian Roll French Toast Muffins (with Streusel! And apple cider syrup!)

These Hawaiian roll French toast muffins went over huge here. So huge I was glad when they were gone and I couldn't eat anymore. They're great for brunch or for dessert. No wrong time to eat one or two of these bad boys!

French Toast Muffins with Apple Cider Syrup--so delicious, and since they're individual servings, you don't have to share!

Deep Fried French Toast (with Peach Blueberry Sauce, but use whatever you like as your syrup)

This French toast recipe comes from one of my mom's church friends, Susie Friou. It is the height of fancy (or at least I thought so when I was a kid,) and as a bonus, it works best with fresh, flavorful bread (hello, cinnamon rolls, if you want) since the batter doesn't soak into the bread. Crisp on the outside, pillowy on the inside and doused with your favorite toppings, what could be better for a New Year's brunch?

Deep fried French toast. It doesn't get much better than this!

Moravian Sugar Cake Baked French Toast

I adore Moravian Sugar Cake. It is one of my favorite things. The only way I wouldn't eat all of it immediately would be to save some to make this baked French toast. Totally worth my sacrifice, and yours too!

And there you have it, friend. Three French toast recipes for you to enjoy for New Year's brunch or anytime you want a delicious and slightly different French toast recipe to share with friends and family.

I sincerely wish you the very best in 2017. Thank you for spending time with me, and enjoy your New Year's brunch.


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