105 Delicious Thanksgiving Desserts Recipes Round Up

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delicious Thanksgiving Dessert RecipesI grew up in a family with very British roots. Our main dessert on Thanksgiving and Christmas was an English Plum Pudding that was so purple it was almost black. Before serving, my Auntie Ev would light that sucker on fire. At Christmas, we'd all sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." At Thanksgiving, we'd just sort of watch it burn.

Since the plum pudding was the star of the show, any other dessert we had was sort of a throw-away. A small apple pie. Maybe some cookies. Did I mention a small apple pie?

If you come from a family who only ate the same one or two Thanksgiving desserts every year, this round up is for you! With 105 delicious Thanksgiving desserts recipes to choose from, there is something here for everyone.

Delicious Thanksgiving Desserts Recipes Round-Up (Arranged by Predominant Flavor)

Pumpkin/Winter Squash Desserts

delicious Thanksgiving Desserts recipes


Sweet Potato Desserts

delicious Thanksgiving Desserts recipes


Apple Desserts

delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Pear Desserts

delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes


Nutty Desserts

delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes


Chocolate Desserts

Desserts with Other Intriguing Flavor Profiles

delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes



Desserts and Candies for Special Diets (Vegan/Paleo/Gluten-Free/Et cetera, regardless of predominant flavor)

delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Bonus: Thanksgiving Dessert Cocktails

And there you have it. Truly, something for everyone! Thank you again to my very generous bloggy friends who allowed me to use their links and photographs. I couldn't have done it without you.

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    105 recipes??? Where to start!!! My family is demanding the same ol’ pumpkin and French silk pies. Sigh. But there’s always Christmas. Thanks for all the delicious inspiration!

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      I’m totally happy with nothing but sides and desserts, saving the turkey for leftover sandwiches the next day, Amy! =D Thanks for allowing me to share your desserts in my round up. xo

    • says

      I have only fairly recently become a pumpkin fan, Lindsay, and I kind of want to live in that section too! =) Thanks for contributing links to my round up. I couldn’t have done this without all my bloggy friends!


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