Help4Harleigh: With Love, Bearing Food

The best way to begin is just to begin. Take a deep breath and begin.


I was going to write a Valentine's Day post today. I was going to take pretty pictures so that people would pin, would share, would come and read and ooh and ah over my creation. Swirls of frosting. Pink and red. What an awesome blogger. What beautiful photos.

This is my Valentine's post. A plea for help for a child I've never met. Help4Harleigh. Whose uncle I have only spoken with a handful of times via social media. I ask that you pin this, that you invite people to come and read, that you share this post. To help spread the word for Mark and his family.

It is so hard to watch a child suffer. Everyone wants to do all that they can to ease the pain and will the healing begin.

BandaidPhoto Credit: Gracie and Viv

The first scraped knee or burned finger or stubbed toe triggers a gut response in parents who spring into action. Washing, patting dry, bandaging, kissing, hugging, speaking softly and soothingly to make it All Better.

I cannot even imagine the punch in the soul it is to hear that your child has cancer, let alone a cancerous brain tumor. Children are so small. Hospital beds are so big.

This is what Mark's family is going through now. Trying to catch their breath, trust in their faith and find a way to help make Harleigh All Better.

Mark's blog, Cookin' w/Luv, is all about the connection between food and love. Love and food.

We come together with love, bearing food to make whatever is bad good again. Whoever is sick well again. Whoever is sad happy again.

The name Harleigh comes from the Middle English for "hare clearing." Photo credit: William Warby

Mark is inviting us to come together in love and bearing food to support Harleigh's fight against glioblastoma. She is three. She has only just begun to live.

He is hosting a Help4Harleigh bake sale on his site, Cookin' w/Luv, on Tuesday, February 18, 2014. You can bid on all sorts of wonderful food, cookbooks and cooking gear offered by him and many other food bloggers. Because this is what we do. We come together in love, bearing food for you in order to help this precious girl.

Here are the items that Mark is offering for auction. He'll have a complete list of what all the other bloggers are offering on Saturday, February, 15, 2014.

This is my Valentine to a child I've never met. Please pass it along in whatever way/s you can.

Thank you so very much, friends.



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    Jenni, I am beyond moved by this post. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am or how much your kindness means to me. And to our family. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this post, in writing such a heartfelt and beautiful post – and all for someone you’ve never met! Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

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