Turtle Graham Crackers Candy

Turtle Graham Crackers CandyI have had turtles and s'mores on the brain ever since I made Kim's Turtle S'mores Chocolate Cake for her birthday celebration. So when I looked at my leftover butterscotch candy, ganache and pecans from the cake extravaganza, I immediately thought graham crackers. Turtle graham crackers candy.

Because, who wouldn't, right?

Turtle Graham Crackers CandySince I let my butterscotch-ish caramel cool all free form--not in a small pan with sides--I ended up with a relatively small number of turtle graham crackers candy. But you are smarter than I am, and you will let your candy cool in a square pan. An 8" pan should work just fine. Spray the pan with pan spray and line the bottom with parchment or nonstick foil. If you use parchment, spray the parchment with pan spray for insurance. If you're using the nonstick foil. you should be fine.

Turtle Smores Chocolate Cake

Here's the Turtle S'mores Chocolate Cake in all its caramel-y, ganache-y, pecan-y, marshmallow-y glory. How can you resist?

You can also make a batch of this candy without bothering with the cake (although I can't imagine anyone would not want to bother with that cake!) I mean, just look at it.

In that case, I can't really say what size your pan should be. I vote to let the candy cool in a 9"x13" pan or a jelly roll pan lined with Silpat if you're making a full batch. As to the ganache and the nuts, I'd just eyeball it. There is no need to use pecan halves, but they do look cool in cross section, so maybe a mix of pieces and halves would work out nicely.
Turtle Graham Crackers CandyPlease follow the link to the Turtle S'mores Chocolate Cake to get the recipes for the caramel and ganache, but know that you can use your favorite butterscotch or caramel recipe if you have one that already works well for you. I would recommend against using a really chewy, stringy caramel recipe. The one I used for the cake makes a fairly soft caramel that will hold its shape but is more creamy than chewy. Plus, it is almost exactly the same color as graham crackers!

To do this little craft project, I ensured that my caramel was of an even thickness by covering the cooled-but-still-soft candy with a Silpat and rolling it out lightly. Then, I spread an even layer of the cooled ganache over half of the caramel and sprinkled on an even layer of the nuts. I carefully folded the other half of the caramel over the ganache and nuts, covered it with a Silpat and rolled it out lightly to ensure that the layers adhered. I refrigerated it for about half an hour to make sure I'd have clean cuts and then trimmed off the uneven and folded-over parts. From there, I cut the candy into graham cracker-ish squares (dipping the knife in hot water and wiping it off between each cut) and made the perforations with the tines of a fork. Et voila, Turtle Graham Cracker Candy!

Turtle Graham Crackers Candy

On a completely unrelated note, this is why I tell you to dock your pastry with the tip of a thin knife and not with a fork. Do you see the size of those holes? Your filling could leak out, and that's no good for anyone.

And if you want to turn the turtle graham cracker candy into something more smore-ish, just make some Italian meringue and squeeze a wee dollop on top of each cracker. Or, you could marbleize the Italian meringue with the ganache on the inside. See? Just play with it and I'm sure you can come up with great variations!

I hope these little candies will help to inspire you to play with your leftovers!

Now that you've seen how I used up my leftovers from the s'mores cake, how would you use up your leftovers? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a lovely day.


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      Oh, yay! I was sad to not be able to share cake and turtle grahams with you in real life, so it makes me happy that you’ll be making your own this weekend! Yay! Can’t wait to chat either tomorrow or Friday! xoxo

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