Pay It Forward Giveaway (or) How I Wore My Klout Perk and Scored Free Stuff at Kohl’s

UPDATE: I've Chosen a Winner. The Giveaway is closed. (but it's still a good story)!

Pay It Forward Giveaway

Klout Perks

Klout purports to track One's online influence. Based on your interactions with others--if they click things you ask them to click or actually respond to you when you tweet something or make a status update or whatever--and your number of followers, you are assigned a score of 0-100.Β  My score is a 60. Sometimes a bit higher. Sometimes a bit lower. But apparently 60 is a high enough score for me to earn what are known as Klout Perks. They send you a Free Item or Items and then you are supposed to use your Social Media Mojo to spread the word and influence others.

Sometimes, I am offered a Perk by McDonald's or Red Bull, and I just don't bother. I mean, I rarely go to McDonald's and I have never tasted Red Bull except the one time when Mary Lou made me try her dumb Jaeger Bombs. I thought they tasted just like Robitussin, so there. (See, Klout? I'm super influential).

Anyway, I received notice a couple of weeks ago that I was eligible for a perk from People Magazine. I'd get x number of months of their magazine and digital media and a Box of Free Items chosen especially for influencers by the editors at People. I thought, "I'm a People. I shall accept." So I did.

About a week later, my items came. In my fun box, wrapped in sort-of gold tissue paper, were the following Items (none of these links are affiliate links, by the way. I'm just letting you know what I got).

Pay It Forward Giveaway

  • One pack of Jamberry Vinyl Nail Wraps
  • A blue enameled silver bangle of unknown provenance
  • A light-weight animal print scarf, also of unknown provenance
  • A full-sized package of Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips
  • Five of the cutest note cards ever that I have already sent off to five fans. Also of unknown provenance
  • Three rolls of the darling of Pinterest and scrapbookers everywhere: Washi Tape

Pay It Forward Giveaway

Kohl's Dream Receipt

Last Sunday, after using a couple of the Whitening Strips just for fun, I threw my Animal Print Scarf jauntily around my neck and went to Kohl's with The Beloved in search of tee shirts and belts for him.

Pay It Forward Giveaway

We mosied around the store for quite awhile, procuring two belts and two tee shirts, and then we started looking at Kitchen Items, and Home Items and generally just sort of killing time. There were other things I'd have liked to have picked up--a new toaster oven, for one--but we aren't really made of money so I became Sullen and Grumpy. Sigh.

The line to check out stretched before us like the Great Wall of China, and we resignedly took our place at the very, very end. The Beloved looked at me and said, "Maybe I should just stop in during the week. I bet the line would be shorter." I glared at him. "We are here now, and we are going to Stand Here as long as it takes."

Directly ahead of us in line were two teachers who had arrived separately and had obviously not seen each other in a long time. One was a media specialist and one was a technology teacher. They yammered perky teacher talk at each other the entire time we were in line, and I became surlier and surlier. I used to be a teacher, so I still understand perky teacher talk. I just don't speak it myself anymore. (Thank goodness for perky teachers, though. It is a tough job, and to be perky while doing it can be a chore).

By the time we snaked our way up to the point where we could actually see the registers, I knew all about both teachers' classes. Their joys and sorrows. Their hopes and dreams. I wanted to punch them both.

When it was our turn, I plodded up to the register and put down our mesh bag containing two belts and two tee shirts. Our check-out person was very nice (thank you, Kohl's check out person), but by this time I was too grumpy to be very pleasant. I dug deep and worked up a half-hearted grimace and told myself that in the right light, it looked like a smile.

I swiped my Kohl's card, but apparently I jumped the gun and had to re-swipe. I rolled my little eyes. Then, the very nice check out lady said, "Do you have a Kohl's Reward Card?" I gave her a blank stare. Because my eyes, they were dead. "What's that?" I sort of sighed at her, resigned to listening to some sort of sales pitch.

She gamely carried on in the face of my baleful doll-eyed stare and told me that there was no cost and that for every 100 points I earned, I'd get $5 off via email. "That sounds pretty good," I said.

I was forced to fill out a form on the little pay pad thing. It wouldn't pick up my phone number, and I had to retype it a few times. And then the pad thingy didn't want to let me advance to the next screen, and I required assistance. By this point, I was so surly and grumpy I wanted to punch myself in the neck, so I can only imagine how badly our very nice check-out lady wanted to my back disappearing out their door.

At any rate, I finally got all signed up for the rewards program, swiped my card--the rewards one this time--and practically ripped the receipt from the very nice check-out lady's hand as I turned to leave.

And then, "Oh, wait..."

I turned back to the lovely check out lady. If I had weaponized lasers for eyes, I totally would have left her a pile of black ash, I am ashamed to say.

"Wait. I have to call the manager."


"It's a Good Thing," she added. "You'll be glad you waited."

So we waited. For the good thing. I tried to work up a smile. I may have done slightly better than a grimace. I had thumbed off the deadly eye lasers at least.

The next woman in line wondered aloud what it was.

And buzz began buzzing. Other sales associates wandered over and asked, "Oh, did you get One?"

If by "One" they meant a surly, laser-eyed customer, the answer was yes.

That associate looked at me and said, "I wish I could tell you, but the manager likes to do that."


Finally the manager, who I believe was twelve, came up and asked me if I knew about Kohl's Dream Receipt program. I said no, and he proceeded to explain that every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas one winner per store (for a total of about 1200 winners per day) is randomly selected to win the Dream Receipt. Which means that Kohl's refunds the entire purchase price, regardless of what it is, and you get to take home Free Stuff.

So: two free belts and two free tee shirts!

He took my photo to send to the Home Office. If it's on the web, you will recognize me because I'm wearing my kicky Klout Perk Animal Print Scarf and my facial expression is somewhere between chagrin, a grimace and a smile.

I am taking the kind check out lady some fudge today. She totally earned it. Not only did she not punch me, she managed to deal with me and my surliness with a smile, albeit a tentative one. Bless her. Retail is no walk in the park.

Pay It Forward Giveaway

My takeaways?

  • Klout Perks Animal Print Scarves contain powerful Juju.
  • Awesome things can happen when you least expect it. Just when I was feeling stupidly sorry for myself, I was given a gift. And I totally didn't deserve it, especially acting like a laser-eyed ass hat.
  • Kohl's Dream Receipt program is a real thing. It is not like Bigfoot or Yeti. It actually happens.
  • When the universe smacks you in the head with free stuff, you best Pay It Forward.

So, here's the deal. Since I got free stuff from Kohl's (partly due to the power of the Klout Perk Scarf, I'm sure), I am paying it forward with a giveaway.

CLOSED The Pay It Forward Giveaway Prize

If you win and you happen to live in the US, I will send you an Amazon gift card for $50. If you live outside the US, I will send you $50 via PayPal.

If you win and live in the US, I will also send you the bracelet and/or the tape, if you want either or both.

How to Enter

I'm giving you guys a few chances to enter. I normally don't do that because it hurts my head, but I am making an exception in this case. Leave a separate comment for each entry. If you just say you jumped through all my hoops in one comment, that only gives you one entry. So: Separate Comment For Each, friends.

Please make sure a valid email address is associated with your comment/s so I can contact you.

You certainly don't have to jump through all of these hoops, but if you do, you'll have six chances of winning.

  1. Leave a comment here explaining how you pay it forward (or how you will pay it forward) when awesome stuff happens to you. If you just comment and say "I want to win" or "She should have punched you," or something, it won't count.
  2. Connect with me on Google + and then come back here and leave a comment saying that you did.
  3. Sign up for my newsletter (in the sidebar at the top of the site) and leave a comment saying that you did. If you've already signed up, let me know that in a comment too.
  4. Go like Kohl's on facebook and leave them a comment telling them that you heard about the Dream Receipt program through me and that I'm paying it forward. Then, leave a comment here saying that you did.
  5. Tweet this, "I heard abt @Β & 's Β program thru @Β Animal print scarves are powerful! Then, come back here and leave a comment letting me know that you did. (Full Disclosure: I can maybe win a trip to the OSCARS in March if the People Magazine People think I am an Awesome Influencer, so you will be helping with that if you tweet)
  6. Share this giveaway on your own facebook page (either fan page or personal) or on G+ and then come back here and let me know that you did.

And that's it.

Oh, the giveaway starts right now and runs through Friday, December 20 at 7pm, EST, at which point I will draw a random winner using, so get your entries in by then! If you win, you have 24 hours to respond to my email or I shall reluctantly choose another winner.

Merry, Merry to All, and thanks for entering the Pay It Forward Giveaway. I wouldn't be here without you, and I'm grateful for the time you choose to spend with me!






  1. Tara Knott says

    I try not to think of doing good or thoughtful things as “paying it forward”. I believe that everyone should try to do nice, helpful things whenever possible. If people want to label it as paying it forward that is fine. My children go to the grocery store regularly with me to buy items to donate to the food bank. Whenever possible, I have them drop them off..this summer they did a complete tour of a larger one to see all the ways people help each other. We have birthday parties where we ask for canned goods instead of greeting cards and grocery and Walmart gift cards instead of present for ourselves. We have great fun spending these throughout the year on good deals and dropping the goodies off where and when needed. This holiday season we have kept the tradition of adopting a family and buying off their wish lists πŸ™‚ am truly blessed to have an amazing family and so proud of my little boys following in my giving nature. Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

  2. MrsJennyK says

    I LOVED this post Jenni! You are so funny! The way I pay it forward most often is to try to boost another mom’s confidence. When you are in the store with a miserable baby/toddler/child (or 3 or 4 of them) and they are yanking things off of the shelves and you want the Earth to swallow you right then and there and then you are dropping shopping bags as you practically break your kid’s hand by squeezing super tight to keep them from running directly into the path of the car careening through the parking lot and another mom stops and says, “you’re doing great Mama! Can I help you get that bag into the car?” it can turn a horriblenogoodterrible day into something manageable. And when you pay it forward by doing that for another mama the next day, it brightens your own day even more.

  3. Lisa says

    I pay it forward once a month when I get paid. I go through the McDonald’s drive-through in the morning to get my unsweet tea and hand the girl a $20 bill and tell her to use it for as many of the next customers as she can

  4. says

    I went to the local volunteer fire station and donated the money to pay for 5 Christmas trees with instructions to the firemen to either upgrade or give away to those deserving even if they don’t make it there to pick it up. The firemen ‘Carmen’ offered to deliver them. The toughest part for me is I have developed, in the last few years, a terrible allergy to pine and had to meet the firemen nextdoor to the firehouse because they have the fresh cut trees in their lot. It was the best memory I have from childhood, getting up and seeing all the lights and decorations and smelling the fresh tree….I still miss it but it gives a warmth in my heart to know I could possibly pass that memory onto others. Thanks for encouraging us to be better people!

  5. says

    I like to do little pay-it-forward things all the time. Helping older folks in the grocery store (they get to go ahead of me in line, I help them reach stuff on top shelves, I am known for going up to seniors in the store who seem befuddled and saying, “Are you looking for something?” because I seem to have the whole store memorized, and why not?)

    I figure it you do it all the time, it becomes second nature.

    (Plus, I love those note cards! Wish you knew where they are from!)

  6. amanda says

    I try and do one thing everyday to help someone. My One, or should I say 2 things would be, being a surrogate mom. I had a girl and a boy for a couple that could not have kids. That is my pay it forward.

  7. Jo-Anne says

    What a beautiful post. I didn’t even hear any regrets for not picking up a toaster oven! But things happen for a reason. I love the responses about how people pay it forward. I do try to be nice but do find myself grumpy like you when having to wait in particularly long lines for no apparent reason. I try to be pleasant once I get to the register.

    My pay it forward is contributing to a local ‘no freeze’ shelter which provides an place for the homeless to sleep in the cold weather. I also knit hats, scarfs and mittens for the shelter to give to those coming in from the cold. This hardly seems like enough when reading the comments that have already been posted.

    Merry Christmas to you and the Beloved.

  8. R A Bailey says

    I was so skeered I was going to miss the pay it forward, I forgot to stop 2 places while traipsing out in this wet, cold yuck! Could it not even have the decency to snow if it is going to be this wet? One of the items I needed to get was cupcake liners for the cupcakes I am making for the Coookie Bake Sale for Cancer Kids tomorrow. If anybody is around the Lewisville, NC area – come get some goodies and help out the kids! While I was out today, I also handed out my last pair of ‘cheap and warm’ gloves to one of the homeless souls standing at the stop light – you would have thought it was Christmas right then and there – guess I need to restock those, too! So much fun reading the love version of you and Kohls, Ms Grump – things like that bring a smile to the face and heart!

  9. R A Bailey says

    your newsletter is permanently kept in my e-mail, because my brain is not as good as it used to be and I tend to forget where I have read things, left things, seen things – now where are my glasses??

  10. Melissa Maude says

    I paid it forward last night by jumping in and taking a bajillion photos of kids and an event (the last holidazzle parade) for my friend who is QUEEN scrapbooker whose heart was dun broke in half when she realized that she got to the event with a camera and NO BATTERY. Deadly cry-causing sin. How would the event be documented? Horrors! I ran around with my phone capturing the kids, the husband, the event.
    Of course she one upped me by taking a fabbo photo of me…

  11. Cenders Bailey says

    I just try to treat people with kindness at all times because you never know when you may need that helping hand yourself. I don’t consider that paying forward, but I guess it is. I brought Christmas gifts for a mother who couldn’t provide them for her 2 year old this year and every year we provide for someone even in the years we really couldn’t afford to. Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays.

  12. says

    Gosh, I feel like my whole life is one big pay it forward event. I grew up with a mom who always did so much for others, she was really selfless. So it just seems natural to me. I volunteered at the kids schools for about 15 years, usually 3 to 4 days a week as I’m an overachiever. I drove all the other kids to games and practices as most of their folks worked and the kids would have never had rides. Most would have had to quit the teams. And the time with Dad, that was one giant pay it forward. I feel like it’s just the way people should be.

    I’m also old school and say please and thank you at every register I visit. And every drive thru. I can’t help myself.

    If I won I’d pay it forward, pass it to my sister who just struck out on her own and could use some help. Pretty dang proud of my brave sister for walking away from a bad situation and completely relocating herself closer to my son. She’s pretty special.

    Here’s to good juju and not having to use weaponized lasers on anyone. xx

  13. Anne H. says

    You had me LOLing so much I had to read it to my husband because he kept asking why I kept LOLing πŸ™‚ I plan on paying it forward to a local family whose child is battling numerous health issues, Curefor Kelly.

  14. Lisa Collins says

    It’s been a rough year for us this year what with cut hours at work and then in October a basement backed up with sewage water. It’s been a challenge cleaning everything up and getting the bills paid and at times it almost seems overwhelming but that’s why I had already made the decision a month ago to do something nice for those around me. My hope is that if I reach out and give to others maybe something positive in my life will come my way, so with that in mind I have made up big mason jars full of various Christmas candies and I plan on giving one to each of my neighbours along with a Christmas card. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it makes me feel good to give knowing that at least if my day is bright someone elses CAN be bright and it was because of me. πŸ™‚

    • says

      I love that, Lisa! I find when I get upset with any bad situation that if I look away from myself and try to be kind to others that good things happen for everyone, myself included. Best to you and your family this holiday season, and here’s to a wonderful 2014!

  15. Melanie Wright says

    I will happily share my good fortune with my daughter who is currently experiencing some health issues. I also want to get her involved with pastry baking and will use some of your delicious FB offerings! Have a wonderful holiday!

  16. says

    Ok so far I have “liked” Kohl’s and left them a comment, I’ve Tweeted it from the rooftops, I’ve shared this giveaway on FB, and how would *I* Pay It Forward? I would make more cakes to take to my local shelter, I haven’t done this in some time, so they are long overdue! I shall be making a Pastry Chef cake in your honor and delivering it to the shelter ASAP! πŸ˜€ And when you say we should connect with you on G+? What do you mean by that? Do we have to do a hangout and stare lovingly into eachothers eyes until it becomes so awkward that we can no longer take it? Or can I just post about this giveaway? I prefer posting to be quite honest, less awkward. Let me know! lol πŸ˜‰

    • says

      LOL You just have to circle me on G+. Staring optional! Don’t forget to spread out all the hoops you jumped through into separate comments or you won’t get all six chances, Niki! Thanks for being fantastic and a Super Fan! <3

      I love that you are taking cake to the shelter. You are such a good egg!

  17. Elaine Ellen says

    I loved this. I am not doing any of the things that you want us to do to be entered tonight because I am very tired but I just wanted you to know I really loved what you wrote here. And I know that some of these contests are for real. I once won a week long Royal Caribbean cruise that left San Juan and went to Barbados, Antigua and St.Thomas on some national thing that I had entered. It will probably be the only cruise I will ever go on but it was fantastic! I sure wish you had been able to get your toaster oven though. Love you, Jenni!

    • says

      Wow–what an awesome prize!! Bet you had a great time! I will get my toaster oven one day, Elaine! =) Do go ahead and enter at least a couple of times when you’re not so tired. Thanks for the comment–I appreciate it! xoxo

  18. Jessie C. says

    I pay it forward by donating to food bank, giving coupons to people next to me at checkout lanes, or bring groceries to needed family in our community.

  19. Chrissy Reyna says

    Hey Jenni!
    I just loved hearing this story! You so deserved it! ( wish you had grabbed that toaster!) I decided to pay it forward by grabbing 2 angels off the angel tree at the coffee shop. I wanted to get my kids involved and let them know Christmas is about giving and helping others out. We picked 2 young boys and my kids really enjoyed picking out clothes and toys for them.

  20. Rayna says

    We started a new tradition for our family to divert the self-focus during December and turn it into focussing on loving others through acts of kindness. We would pay it forward by giving whatever we might win to someone else. It is so good to receive but even better to give!

  21. says

    My favorite way to pay it forward is to pay for the coffee for someone in line behind me. It’s not a huge gift or grand gesture, but it usually brings a Venti amount of joy, and sometimes starts a chain reaction. This works at any coffee shop, whether walk-in or drive-thru, or the cafe or deli downstairs or down the block. If no one is behind me when I feel like doing this, then I pay in advance for whoever the next person who will purchase a cup of coffee. Random Acts of Kindness πŸ˜€

    • says

      It’s maybe not a grand gesture, but it’s sincere and lovely! And who knows–you could totally make the recipients’ day! And then maybe they’ll do the same. Random Acts of Kindness are powerful, just like animal print scarves! lol

  22. Joana says

    Yeah, I just signed up for your newsletter and next I will share on Facebook then it is off for a nap due to my pain medicine. Once rested I will continue to complete the rest of the challenge and then if I am feeling better will attempt to make gooey chocolate pecan pie bars!

    • says

      Sounds like a plan, Joana! I hope you feel better soon. And do leave a separate post about the facebook share and for each subsequent “hoop” so you get all your chances, okay? =)

  23. Kelly S says

    Sometimes I like to pay for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive-thru. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, just like a peppermint mocha. πŸ™‚

  24. Amy Malik says

    Paying it forward….I recently took advantage of the Starbucks pay it forward and invited my friend – a teacher – your comment about standing in line behind the “perky” teachers talking their perky teacher language made me think of her – to coffee in the AM before school. She loves her Starbucks. so met and had coffee early before school. It was fun. One time I drove a cup of coffee all the way to school for her when she had to work on a day when none of the rest of us were working. She would do the same for me!

  25. Amy Malik says

    Ok, here goes last hoop,I just liked the Kohl’s page, and you didn’t mention their giveaway either #DreamReceipts, but then I haven’t shopped there for the holidays.
    THanks for sharing the love!

  26. Marieke says

    What a lovely thing to be doing. To my mind, the only way to really pay it forward is to do things for others without thinking about it as kindness. It works for me, anyways. I like to think that if I’ve made someone smile by doing something friendly, no matter how small, they might smile at someone else and brighten up their day too, for instance. That to me, is paying it forward. One pebble in a brook…..
    As a side-note… would it be possible for the winner to forward their winnings to someone else who needs it more? For instance, I don’t really need freebies, but I know a few people whose Christmas might be a lot jollier with some extra goodies.
    Great idea on the whole. Thanks for the newsletters, I keep coming back for more πŸ˜€
    Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2014 to you and yours πŸ™‚

    • says

      Absolutely you can send it on to whomever you feel needs it, Marieke! If you win, you can just send me the address of the person who you want to receive it and it will go straight to them! =)

  27. Sabrina Stanton says

    I already receive yout newsletter and enjoy your sense of humor it makes reading your blog fun. I also love your recipes.

  28. Becca from It's Yummi! says

    As much as the $50 would be helpful in my life, your story just brightened my day and gave me the best present EVER β™₯

    As you may know, I’m a seasonal employee of Kohl’s. My manager, who is not 16, but incredibly motivating, supportive, (and wickedly handsome) watched with an ear-to-ear grin as I checked out a sweet Granny’s purchase of Christmas presents for her 5 grandkids (ticketed value of $882!) when my black screen popped up and I quickly verified that she was a U.S. citizen over the age of 18.
    I then watched a tear gently roll down her cheek as we proclaimed her the Dream Receipt winner of the day. Soon the teardrop became a waterfall, as all 8 POS associates started bawling. You see, our sweet granny lost her husband exactly one year prior…to the day!

    I love holiday spirit, and I particularly love YOU, Jenni

  29. says

    Hi, I signed up for your newsletter a while back. I’m the one who also goes to our favorite Chiropractor, Dr Schneider! You sent me info on being a sponsor or advertiser and this reminds me that I need to get back to you with my info for Dove Chocolate Discoveries so we can set it up. Love your sense of humor and your writing style!
    Thanks, Diane

  30. stephanie says

    What a great (and amusing!) post. I would pay it forward by continuing to bake for the church by my house. They sponsor holiday “feasts” for the homeless. I use my best European butter, haha.

  31. says

    OMG you are hysterical and have me on the floor giddy with your writing. You are awesome! No, you are the awesomest and so deserve to go to the Oscars!!! And you look luscious in that scarf! Big cat print! When I wasn’t as poor as dirt, I loved nothing more than offering big huge boxes full of gifts to my friends far away, always putting in stuff that had personal meaning, local foods and treats so they could have a taste of my new adopted hometown and The France, and fun stuff that just made their day. I hope to start having the chance to do it again. Instead, I do what I can by encouraging them, mentoring them, sharing their stuff with others, editing work for them and stuff like that. I miss being able to send special surprise gifts to people.

  32. says

    How I’m going to pay it forward is to let someone else win if my name gets chosen. But I have tweeted the needful because I would LOVE if you got to go to the Oscars, Jenni! I can just picture you on the red carpet with your powerful animal print scarf.

  33. ChefAl says

    Well, I’ve never won anything other than cooking competitions, which I worked for/earned. I spend over 50% of my income helping others, saving animals and people from abusive situations, travel all over on my dime arranging for healthcare and education for the neediest of the needy, and only recall one person ever thanking me…. it would be nice to have something or someone ‘pay it forward’ to me but I’ve resigned to the reality that it likely will not ever happen and that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing for others.

  34. Kelly D says

    I pay it forward by donating at church weekly, and we recently purchased Christmas gifts for someone through the program at my church. I also purchase food items for our local pantry. I would continue to pay it forward, especially by purchasing more items for our food pantry in the future.

  35. Michele Lessard says

    Every Christmas I donate winter coats or clothes to the homeless….this year I gave dozens of homemade scarves and headbands that i crocheted from donated yarn…..

  36. Christine Olewiler says

    I have paid for the person behind me in line at Starbucks(can be a bit sticky when it’s a policeman!) and I often pay for the person behind me on toll roads. I love to read your posts and I enjoy your take on Life!

  37. Gigi says

    I would donate the money to my mom’s favorite charity in El Paso, the Opportunity Center. This is the charity who benefited from all of the donations at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. My dad continues his bi-monthly visits to take food to the shelter. Mom is smiling from Heaven.

  38. Gayle says

    You are sweet to play it forward. I will mix it up and blend your money with mine …then roll it out and bake into a combined donation to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

  39. Kerrey Reyes says

    Amanda and I have the same Pay It Forward! I am blessed with three beautiful kids of my own, with easy pregnancies, so I helped two other families have their own kids. I had a little boy for a couple of daddies from Italy, and boy/girl twins for some daddies from France! Whenever I feel like a shitty person, I remember that at least twice, I made a difference in the world. I also try to help other people whenever I see anyone in need. Even though it is usually a small thing to me, I hope it makes their day a bit easier.

  40. says

    As for “paying it forward”, the big one around here, especially at Christmastime, is to let other people go ahead of me in line at the store or to let them pull out in front of me on the busy streets. It makes me smile to see those same folks let others go ahead or pull in!!!!

  41. says

    I will pay it forward by giving it back to YOU, JF! Paying it all around till it comes back to you, that’s how I see it. May your holidays be filled with much joy and blessings. Thanks for all your kindness and friendship. Sharing this on Twitter.

  42. sianli says

    I don’t really know if I pay forward or not or if I do good or not. I never think when to do good things, or how or to whom or how many or how often. I never think about it. I learnt that being nice made me happy and happiness is contagious. I learnt that being mean or having negative thoughts made me so unhappy, cranky and grumpy. So, I have chosen to do ‘good things’ because it’s effortlessly easy. πŸ™‚

    PS 1. I dont even know what I’m talking about but it’s always nice talking with you. πŸ˜€

    PS 2. I have connected to you on G+ since long time ago. I’ll sign up to the newsletter now. πŸ˜€

    • says

      I love this, Sianli! First, that folks in Tomorrowland can win and that you have entered. And that you do nice things because it makes you feel good so you don’t even have to think about it. Love it–it should be automatic for all of us. =)

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