Life is a Chocabaret, Old Chum!

Friends, do you guys remember way back in December of 2011 when I made chocolate from scratch with my friend Amber? Well, allow me to refresh your memory:

Ah, the smell of brimstone! And even though we were eventually successful, that smell will forever stay with me.

While it was ever so much fun---honestly---to make chocolate myself, I'm thinking that I'd best leave that to the pros from now on. You know what's more my speed? A show. A cabaret show. A Chocabaret in which I get to taste hand-made chocolates. And not only would I get to taste handmade chocolates, but I'd also be treated to a special song inspired by each and every one.

I'd learn about how chocolate is made---no brimstone allowed---and all about cacao percentages and tempering and all the other things about chocolate that I'm now happy to let the pros deal with!

And who is going to lead me on this journey? Why, The Diva That Ate New York herself, Jackie Gordon, the Singing Chef, of course!

I just love me some Jackie Gordon. She is a ball of creative energy wrapped up in swirls of passion and talent. She can sing. She can cook. She can draw. And she has the savvy to put all of her talents to use in a way that inspires me.

And she can also be vulnerable and make folks cry. Read her post about her Chocabaret Kickstarter on her blog. And add "amazingly honest writer" to her list of attributes.

I have recently become addicted to Mad Men. I know, right? It's an odd show, but I cannot look away. It's like a highly stylized, elegant train wreck, and I am compelled to rubberneck. Anyway, there was a line in one of the shows that really resonated with me. In Season 2, Episode 5 (seriously, there is nothing you can't Google), Bobbie Barrett (wife of Jimmy Barrett, icky comedian and Utz spokesman in the show) said, "This is America. Pick a job and become the person that does it."

I'm not sure whether Jackie watches Mad Men, but she has certainly picked a job and is maybe the only person in the world who can do it. She is The Singing Chef. She wants to serenade you with love songs to chocolate. She wants you to taste some of the finest chocolate imaginable. She wants to you to enjoy an amazing show.

She has the talent. She has the passion. Heck, she even has all of the chocolate already lined up. All she needs now is some help of the Monetary Variety.

Please, check out her Chocabaret kickstarter campaign and watch her kickstarter video.

Also, check out her Chocabaret kickstarter launch party in which she makes sinfully rich chocolate brownies and luscious chocolate pudding and sings to us of chicken and cheese and bacon.

Well, she teases us about bacon. I got to be there (via Google + Hangouts on Air), and I was totally blown away. I think you will be, too!

I don't live in New York. I probably will not get to go and see her show, although I do hope that things will work out that I can. But, I have my own dreams, and I know that if I ever launch a kickstarter to help me fund them I would want my friends, fans and supporters to back my campaign. So, I am a proud backer of Jackie's Chocabaret kickstarter. I hope you will consider backing her dreams as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a wonderful day.







  1. Jackie Gordon Singing Chef says

    OH MY! WOW! WOW! WOW! Floored…. You have blown me away… Not only do you to touch my heart, you made me laugh out loud. We should do a show together!!!!


  2. Dionne Baldwin says

    What a riot! I love all the fun to be had here. What a great idea! Brimstone, singed brownies and hypertension combined with song. I absolutely LOVE IT.

  3. Brooks says

    Jenni, thank you for sharing this. Jackie is a powerhouse talent on so many levels. Fortunate are we to have met her through G+. Our nation needs a Chocabaret and I wish Jackie a wealth of success in her Kickstarter campaign and beyond.

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