Invitation to be a Part of the Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan!

Mocha Caramel Pound CakeHello, all! I am starting a fun project that I hope you'll be interested in joining.  Since so many people love the Heritage Bundt Swirl pan by NordicWare, which I affectionately refer to as The Swirly Pan, and I cannot give one away to everybody, I'm going to start one on a journey around the United States and Canada!

Here's how it will work:

  1. Sign up to participate by filling out this form on the Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan website.
  2. I will put you in the schedule so that hopefully nobody will have to send the pan too far to keep shipping costs down.
  3. When you get the pan (and accompanying journal), bake something amazing in it. You can then blog about it if you have a blog. Take pictures and post them to the Pastry Chef Online fan page or over on Google+. Use the journal to record your recipe and write any message that you'd like. Scan your journal entry so that we can read it, too!
  4. Send the pan to the next person on the list, and email me when you've shipped so I can alert the next person.
  5. Like the Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan facebook page (so you'll be able to meet everyone else).
  6. Follow @SwirlyPan on twitter!
  7. Circle the Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan on G+, and ask to join the private Google Plus Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan Community.
  8. Hover eagerly around the Peoplehood website and explore all the features, such as the Peoplehood Tracker and the Peoplehood Roll Call.

And that's it. But it can also be so much more. We can have Google + Hangouts on Air to show people our creations. We can tweet with the hashtag #SwirlyPan. At the end, we can even compile all the recipes into a cookbook for all the participants. If you live close enough to hand deliver the swirly pan to the next person on the list, please do it. I love the idea that one swirly pan can bring so many people together virtually and sometimes literally.

chocolate pound cake 009Since I don't want shipping costs to be an issue for anybody, this particular Peoplehood is open only to US and Canadian residents. If you live in another country and want to start your own Peoplehood, please let me know and we can coordinate our efforts!

I floated this idea out on the Pastry Chef Online fan page and Google+ a couple of days ago, and there are already 60 people signed up! Update as of May 7, 2013: we are currently 210 people strong in the US and Canada! This is an ongoing project, so please sign up whenever you can. I will make sure that you know who is sending you the pan and  who you'll be sending it to, along with their email addresses for Coordination!

Please, even if you leave a comment on this post expressing interest (which I would love), also fill out the form on the site so I'll have all your info in one place.

If you are worried about participating because you don't have a blog, stop worrying. You absolutely do not have to be a blogger to be in the Peoplehood. Everyone is welcome.  If you are a blogger, I'll probably set up a linky or a special page at my place where I'll link to your post. Update: We now have a site, so I will add your blog to the Peoplehood Roll Call. Even if you are a blogger, blogging about this is not mandatory. I ask only that you write in the journal, post some pictures and bake something that you will love.

Australian friends, there's a Peoplehood there, too, headed up by Rachel of The Untamed Cook. Here's her post about the Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan, Down Under edition!

It looks like there will soon be a Filipino Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan as well. I'll update with that information when it happens.

Espresso Spice Pound Cake So, who's in? Who is ready to be a part of The Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan?!







  1. All That's Left Are The Crumbs says

    What a great idea! I’d love to be involved if someone is willing to ship the pan to Hawaii at some stage – one of those prepaid USPS boxes would probably fit it and they are the same cost no matter where they are shipped in the US. I’ll send you my details if you want to include Hawaii.

  2. says

    Are you still looking for people to join the Peoplehood? If so I would be interested. The more I see this pan, the more ideas I come up with. I’ll send you an email with my info. Thanks.

  3. Jackie says

    Quick question… How do you get the glaze/icing to swirl so perfectly in the top photo???

    It looks amazing!

    Thank you so much.

    • says

      Oh thanks! Glad you like it!

      I make a pretty thick glaze that I carefully spoon in each deep “canyon” so it runs down the spiral. That’s how I did that cake, the first one I’d done that way. Now, I put the thick glaze in a piping bag to get the same effect without worrying about slopping some where I don’t want it with the spoon!


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