Volunteering for Birthday Cakes 4 Free, The Answer to the Baker’s Question, “What Can I Do to Give Back?”

birthday cakes 4 free

When Elicia Hammond turned the big Four Oh, rather than host her own celebratory bash, she opted to throw a party at a local homeless shelter. Because that’s who she is. A short time later, Elecia joined an organization that provided free birthday cakes for children, but she noted that some senior citizens’ birthdays were […]

Orange-Baker’s Brew Spice Rolls and a Savory Spice Shop (Raleigh) Giveaway!

orange-Baker's Brew Spice Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a Component Treat.  Fit together a sweet roll dough, a tasty filling and a glaze and come up with something Lovely. There is no real reason to stick with one recipe for cinnamon rolls. I mean, you might like the dough from one recipe, but the filling component might be lacking. Or […]

Hard Cider Peanut Brittle with Maple and Bacon

bacon peanut brittle

Do you guys know Brooks from Cakewalker? Well, you should. He’s a great writer, great baker, skilled decorator and all-around Nice Guy. And what does Brooks have to do with peanut brittle? Well, a few weeks ago, he posted a great recipe for peanut brittle made with a hoppy IPA (Sierra Nevada, to be exact) […]

Sunday Suppers, Monday Edition: Spicy Brisket Nachos

spicy brisket nachos

Brisket can be a Cranky Cut of meat. And it can be even crankier when it’s grass-fed, because grass-fed meat is leaner than grain-fed meat. It likes to cook down in a moist environment. It likes low temperatures. It refuses to be Done before it really is done. Never ever count on the time specified […]

The Best Yeast-Raised Apple Fritters

Late last week, my dear fb friend Modern Mrs. Cleaver (yes, I think she probably does wear pearls when she makes dinner) mentioned that she was craving apple fritters. And for some reason, I  decided that I would make some “for her.” Which means that I would make some for myself and post a lovely […]

Pepperoni Bread

Once I’d announced that I’d be making pepperoni bread to take to our neighbor’s New Year’s Eve party, folks started saying things like, “Oh, that’s from West Virginia!” or “Yeah, that’s the state snack of West Virginia.”  Well, I had never heard such a thing, so I went straight to the oracle at Wikipedia.   […]