Holiday Hangout: Profiteroles

Update: All the G+Food Bloggers Community's Hangouts are embedded after the jump! Yay!

Y'all, I did a live streaming Web Event yesterday! I just started using Google +, because who doesn't want to eventually become so overloaded with social media obligations that they huddle in a corner, eating Ho Hos and rocking back and forth? Sign me up for a Double Helping of that!

Seriously though, there is a lot of potential over on that platform. Potential to really get your message and your name out there in a new and dynamic way.  They have these hangouts. It's like a chat room, but with video, and up to 10 folks can hang out and talk about....whatever.

So, Chef Dennis---y'all know Chef Dennis, right? Because you should.  Anyway, Chef Dennis started a community for food bloggers over there on G+, and I joined up. About 17.4 seconds after I joined, he presented us with a Very Cool Opportunity.  He had spoken to the Google Food and Drink guy. Yes, The Google has one of those. They wanted to see if members of our group could produce reasonably good and entertaining cooking videos (or Hangouts on Air, in GoogleSpeak) while streaming live on YouTube and working with unfamiliar technology without vomiting or setting the kitchen on fire. Before I could stop myself, I was all, "Where do I sign up for some public humiliation?"

And barely a week later, I was In Action.  I was a nervous wreck up until it was time for me to actually start, and then I was okay. But up until then, I didn't sleep, and when I did, I dreamed about camera angles and microphones. And then my stomach was all fluttery and I got all Pace-y and Curse-y. But finally it all came together. My wonderful neighbor and friend Susan was my Technical Director/Moral Support/Babysitter. The Beloved actually came home early from work so he could watch. And I had a wonderful panel of Helpful Friends in the hangout with me.

Shout outs to Q the Chef (who also acted as moderator), Kirsten of Comfortably Domestic (who is The Best. I just love her), Cheryl of Pook's Pantry (she's my (I wish she were my) sister, Betty Ann from Asian in America (she is one of the most supportive folks I know), Barbara Schieving of Barbara Bakes (I just met her, and she is hilarious. Plus she's teaching me about pressure cookers. Thanks, Barb), and Amy Stafford of A Healthy Life for Me (she's a new friend, too. And she makes peppermint martinis, plus she has bees And chickens)!

Anyway, the whole thing turned out to be Much Fun. I made profiteroles. And I bet that after watching this hangout, you will want to as well. They really are easy to make. They require no rare gourmet ingredients or any really specialized equipment. In fact, you probably have everything that you need to make them right this very second. Plus, folks will be impressed that you made them. And they are very, Very tasty. So check out the hangout and then go forth and make profiteroles!

And here are the rest--they are all very informative and fun to watch. You may still get some last minute ideas for Christmas or New Year's! Enjoy!












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    Hey Jenni, just stopping by to say a Christmas hi (and to check out your profiteroles – needless to remark, I’ll be coming back here next time I attempt pate a choux!) Hope all is good with you – I’ve been pretty dire on the commenting and blog-visiting front this year – must check to see if Santa left those few extra hours in the day I was looking for 😀

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      A very belated reply, DS–I’m so sorry! I hope that all is well with you. I miss seeing you, busy busy spud lady! Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that 2013 is a great year for you! 🙂

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