It’s Time to Get Over Myself

Doing for others is therapeutic. I do much better when I remember this.

I have not posted in forever. Well, for almost two whole months. And that is Forever in bloggy land.  I'm sorry. I'm still here. See?

I have to tell you guys, my heart has just not been in it recently.  I've been kind of sad. Sometimes really sad. We miss Wally and dearly want him to come home, but it's getting harder to be optimistic when he has been missing for so long.

But you know what? I just need to pull it together. And what makes me pull it together is being a Helper. Even if I'd rather just stay in bed or on the couch, eating bonbons and watching endless episodes of The Office. The US version. This is all hypothetical, by the way...

Ahem. Erm.

Two days ago, I asked on the facebook page: "What can I do to help you today?" Many people had questions, and I had answers. And I felt so much better.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, and they're having a food drive. So, after my adjustment (we refer to it as an "ad-joost-a-men-tay" because we are ridiculous) I marched over to the grocery store and purchased Non-perishable Goods for the drive. And I felt so much better.

Today, mom and I planned our early Thanksgiving menu that we're taking down to share with Uncle Ray and Auntie 'Leenie. I'm going to make the trifle that Auntie Ev used to make, and I know neither of them have had it in years. And you know what? I felt so much better. I'm excited to share another food memory with them. Plus, it's a lot less work than the Plum Pudding. (The picture of me on this blog? Holding that black thing on a plate? That's the plum pudding)!

Tonight, my best friend's daughter and a friend of hers are coming over for dinner. Shellie (you guys remember Shellie, right?) is a freshman and NC State this year, and I will be providing her and her friend Natalie with a non-cafeteria meal. And--say  it with me--I feel so much better.

There's a lot wrong in the world. A lot that can make us sad. A lot that makes us feel despair or frustration or anger. Or depression.  But there is always---always---something we can do.  Maybe not on a global level. Maybe not on a national or even regional level. But there is always something we can do in our own back yard that will help someone, and it'll make you feel better.

If you do want to make a difference on a national level, there are plenty of organizations involved in the clean up and recovery after Sandy and now Athena. Check them out and donate if you can.

Thank you for reading; I'm happy you guys are here. Have a lovely day, and I will see you again very soon. Because you guys make me feel so much better.






  1. breabella says


    Thank you for giving of yourself to me in your blog. I’m a pastry chef wannabe…an avid home baker with little hope of attending a formal school. But I learn so much from you. Have a blessed day!

    • says

      Wow, I really needed to hear that! Thanks so much for commenting, and I’m thrilled that you’re learning from my site! Have a wonderful evening, @91706cb970454e95c9f25489c4164c7d:disqus 🙂

  2. says

    Glad you are back, Jenni. I have your blog on my blog roll so I knew it had been a while since you were right at the bottom and just kept staying there! I like to think that someone has taken Wally in and is treating him to regular helpings of sardines and catnip so that, while you are missing him, he is well taken care of.

    I am sure that your guests loved the pot pie and being in your delightful home rather than the school cafeteria. You are so right about focusing on others helping lift our own spirits. But snuggle into that cozy robe and be good to yourself too! You are so deserving of joy.


    Stacy XOXO

    • says

      Oh, you made me well up:) Thank you! I do hope that Wally is okay. It’s just hard not knowing. But I guess that frees me up to believe whatever I want, huh? So glad I know you, Stacy. And I am Loving my robe. 🙂

  3. Kim Bee says

    Glad to see you posting. I think you have so much to offer people. We all go through periods like you’re going through. Life has so many ups and downs. I think just sharing that part of your life with us helps because it connects us to you. Personally that’s why I read blogs. I like the connection with the writer. The stories that make their life good or bad at any given moment. That’s what draws me in.

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