Food52sday Recipe Inspiration Post (Thursday Edition): Summer Corn Chowder

Food52 Cookbook 001So what's Food52sday anyway, and can I play too? (Yes, you can. Please do)!

Since I have been Slack-Slack-Slack in getting the Food52sday post up this week (bad me), I'll be taking next week off to give myself and anyone else who might want to try their hand at a Recipe Interpretation a chance to Come Up With Something Wonderful and Procure Ingredients.  So, the Recipe Interpretation posting date will be August 21.

This week's inspiration comes courtesy of Nancy Jo.  She does not appear to have a blog or facebook page, but follow the link, and you can check out her Food52 page and see the other recipes she has submitted.  Get this: she has submitted 5 recipes and won 2 contests! That's 40% and pretty amazing. Go, Nancy Jo!

So, what are we making? Summer Corn Chowder. Perfect for Now. And corn provides such a sweet, grassy background upon which to build other flavors.  Nancy Jo's recipe sounds wonderful on its own--a nice balance of sweet and hot enriched with cream, but feel free to take the accent flavors in whatever direction you like.  As with all the Food52 posts thus far, I am looking forward to playing with this chowder, and I hope you are too.

Thanks for checking in, and I really hope you participate. It's fun. And tasty!


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