Roasted Tomato Sauce: Recipes for Ruby, A Virtual Baby Shower

You know what they say about the Best Laid Plans, right? That’s right; they gang aft agley.  Yup, they can turn into a big old Gang of Ugly (which I’m sure is the translation). Let me back up a moment and tell you how I came to be in an Ugly Predicament.

Food 52sday Recipe Inspiration: Chicken with Creamy Dijon Mustard Sauce

What the heck is Food 52sday, anyway? I’m just getting in the Food 52sday Recipe Inspiration post under the wire before I turn into a pumpkin. This week, it was The Beloved’s turn to choose, and he’s gone with Chicken with Creamy Dijon Mustard Sauce.  The original recipe was submitted by Maria Teresa Jorge. She […]

Sunday Suppers: Chorizo Hash and Eggs

chorizo hash and eggs

My favorite recipes aren’t recipes at all. And if you’ve been hanging out here for any time, you know what I’m going to say next: They’re recipe templates. By template, I mean a series of techniques you can follow with almost any group of ingredients (within reason) to come up with your very own signature […]

I Really Am Here to Help: Pastry Questions Answered, Part II

Part I As promised, here is part 2 of the Question Answering Extravaganza.  Today’s questions include one about sorghum, substitutes for egg whites in royal icing, different types of icings and how to keep cookies soft.  So please, read on for my answers.

I Really Am Here to Help: Pastry Questions Answered, Part 1

question mark cookies

I tell you guys that I’m here to help. That I can help you become more confident cooks. I often share wee tidbits of baking and cooking information–stuff like how to use equipment, tricks of the trade, technique how-tos. And I answer questions either via email or the facebook page.  I have written posts in […]

Food 52sday Recipe Interpretation: “Peachy” Black and Blueberry Cake

black and blueberry cake

Well, this is embarrassing.  The lovely Recipe Inspiration for this week is Simple Summer Peach Cake. I had Every Intention of using peaches and blueberries in the cake. Honest I did. Until my friend Becca asked for guest posters. I volunteered and posted about making fruit crisp. And then I figured that I’d better actually […]

I’ve Been Guest-Posty Lately. Wanna See?

peach crisp

Sometimes I help out a bloggy friend or two by writing a guest post for them when they’re going to be away for awhile. It’s a nice thing to do to help out a friend, plus I can maybe meet some new folks, and I like to meet new people.  Since my guest posts might […]

RecipeShy: The Food Network is at Least Partly to Blame

Lots of folks can get to the point in their Journey to become Confident Cooks where they can look at a list of ingredients and know what techniques to apply to come up with their desired end result. I’ll talk about how to get there at Some Other Point (you’re welcome), but friends, a Thing […]

Brown Butter Blueberry Buckle. Boom!

brown butter blueberry buckle

Yesterday, the lovely folks from Knead to Cook on facebook posted a picture of blueberry buckle. The caption was something along the lines of “best blueberry buckle in the universe.” The picture taunted me, and I became crabby. Not because I hated the picture, but because a)I wanted that buckle, and b)I was buckle-less. Of […]