Chemex Coffee Maker: Feeling Give-y!

Chemex Coffee Maker

This Giveaway is now Closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and an extra thanks to those who donated!

So, it's the end of April. It's a kind of a lovely day here; I've had my coffee and some breakfast, and I am Filled with Good Will Towards Man. And coffee. Made in my Chemex. Which is just The Best Thing.

I've given away a Chemex before, but I'm doing it again. Because I really want you guys to experience the Chemex Goodness.

Wait. What's a Chemex? Fair question. I mean, I didn't know until I started searching for coffee makers that didn't contain plastic or rely on Pods. I am not a Pod Person. Bad things come out of Pods.

Anyway, the Chemex coffee maker is nothing more than an hourglass-ish shaped glass vessel. I say that like it's no big deal, but it is magic. It's designed to hold a conical filter in the top part and drip Gorgeous coffee down into the bottom part.  Why are they so great? Well, for one: the filter. It's thicker than a standard filter, and it keeps out a lot of the weird oils that can end up floating on top of your cup once it starts to cool off a bit. For another: you boil your own water and pour it over the coffee yourself. So you can brew with water that's hot enough to actually extract all the goodness without all the bitterness.  The result: a clean, bright cup of coffee.

The only trick is to grind your coffee Just So so that you can pour all of the water through in no more than about 6 minutes.  Four is ideal, according to the Chemex folks.  If your grind is too fine to allow brewing in 6-ish minutes, you'll start pulling out flavors that you Just Don't Want in your coffee. And you'll be sad.  It'll take a few tries for you to find your perfect grind and pour-over time, but it is so worth it.  Just ask anyone who has a Chemex or just loves pour-over, or manual drip, coffee.

So, what do you get? You get one 6-cup (in the Wonderful World of Chemex, a "cup" is 5 ounces, so yours will hold 30 ounces) Chemex coffee maker and a box of 100 Chemex filters.  There are two styles of Chemex coffee maker. One employs a cool wooden collar that goes around the neck of the Vessel so you can grab it. It is Very Cool Looking, but kind of inconvenient and awkward. My Chemex, and the style I'm giving away, has a glass handle to make grabbing and pouring much easier. I was tempted by the cool wooden collar, but I'm glad I have the one with the handle, so that's what you'll get.

And how do you enter? Leave a separate comment for each entry.

  • Leave a comment to let me know how you take your coffee.
  • Tweet about my giveaway and then leave a comment saying you did, along with the url of your tweet. (Find your tweet. Click open then on details. Copy/paste the url into your comment over here).
  • For 2, yes TWO BONUS ENTRIES, donate to my fundraiser. There's a link over there in the sidebar underneath my picture that says "Donate to my JCAPL Fundraiser. Just click there and follow the rules to give however much you'd like.  Then leave a comment letting me know you donated.  There is no minimum donation--even a dollar will go straight to the Johnston County Animal Protection League, and whether you give twenty dollars or one dollar, you'll get two extra entries!

I'll be choosing a winner using the random number generator at on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at noon, EDT, so be sure to have your entries in by then.

Rules  The Giveaway is Now Over
Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to US and Canadian readers.
Please leave separate comments for the first two entries.  If you combine the first two chances in one comment thusly "I like my coffee black and I tweeted. Here's the url," it will only count as one entry. 

If you do decide to donate, one comment is sufficient for two extra chances, so you'll be leaving a maximum of three comments.

Please leave me a valid email address so I can get in touch with you. If I don't have a valid email address for the winner, I'll choose another. Claim your prize via email within 48 hours--by Friday, May 4, 2012 at noon, EDT--or I'll pick another winner.  And again, have your entries in no later than noon, EDT on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

The Chemex folks have nothing to do with this giveaway. I just love my Chemex and want you to have one too. I'm buying this with my own pennies just because I want to spread the Chemex love.

And that pretty much does it. Thanks for reading, good luck in the giveaway, and if you do decide to donate, thank you so very much. It means a lot, and possibly everything to unwanted animals in our community.

Have a lovely day.





  1. hk mouse says

    Sometimes I take my coffee black. Other times I feel like flavored creamer that I make at home. There’s no bad way to take coffee, except here at work, where my office manager has a pod machine that I refuse to use. 😉

  2. 3lucases says

    I take my coffee iced with low-fat milk. I love watching Jubala make iced coffee in the Chemex pour-over method. Always perfectly balanced. Would love to be able to do this myself at home!

  3. says

    Wow!  These are the best.  I used one at a clients’ house and almost wanted to steal it (I didin’t lol).
    I wish I had extra money to donate, I donated to my local shelter, so that kind of counts.  

  4. says

    i take my coffee any way i can get it … preferably hot, with a bit of half and half. preferably faux creamer and definitely nothing less than 2% milk. No sweetner except the occasional flavored drink. 

  5. Jenni says

    Love my coffee with two teaspoons of Splenda and some creamer of some sort. Depending on the day or mood it can be milk or a flavored creamer!! 

  6. Lance says

    Oh, yes. I love my chemex, but it’s only a small one. I’ve been wanting to upgrade. There’s nothing like black coffee from the chemex. Plus, guests just love it!

  7. Colleen Darlington says

    I like my coffee BLACK and strong even Iced . In the afternoons if I am having a lazy afternoon and need to get things done then I love a shot of expresso to get me moving again.

  8. krugthethinker says

    Oh, what a lovely giveaway! I currently make my coffee in a plastic filter drip (and drink it black!), but this would be an awesome upgrade!

  9. says

    I take my coffee strong, creamy, and a little sweet. I brew it with a porcelain filter holder from a thrift store. old-school but yummy!

  10. Jo-Anne says

    I take my coffee with a little bit of half/half. I’ve tried a french press, but wasn’t impressed. The Chemex certainly is a beauty and reminds me of the Melitta that my folks used for years! 

  11. says

    I brew my coffee on a stovetop percolator, since coffee makers don’t make it strong enough for me. I love this, but wonder, does it keep coffee hot hot while brewing? I know you pour hot hot water, but in those 6 minutes, does the coffee get lukewarm? Just wondering, I’d love to try it. I bet it’s also great for tea, right!? Oh I take my coffee black, with raw sugar. 

  12. says

    I very recently had to start enjoying my coffee dairy free, I use almond milk, or soy milk:-)  I kinda like to much sugar, but hey it is my coffee, so I wanna!  Love your fun giveaway:-) Hugs, Terra

  13. The Duo Dishes says

    Sweet coffee with lots of vanilla, half & half and sugar in the raw is nice. Add a dash of cinnamon and amaretto instead of vanilla, and it’s a great evening cocktail.

  14. Imane Daher says

    I would love to win this coffee maker, It’s Original and very Classy. I love my Coffee Black and Strong

  15. Fran Willis says

    I am the biggest coffee lover ever. I have so many different coffee maker but have never seen anything like this. I want to put my face through the computer screen. If I dont win I’ll save up and buy one it will have to be on the bottom of my list I had back severe back surgery a few month ago so my money doesn’t go far.  By the by your my favorite Pastry Chef you are so down to earth I love how you teach and your patience God Bless.   Fran Willis

  16. BobbyWalker says

    Hello everyone, I love my coffee with a little cream and sugar depending on the type, but a great coffee needs no cream and little sugar. I constantly use coffee especially in my baking. 

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