Food52sday Recipe Inspiration: Linguini with Breadcrumbs and Kale

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The Beloved and I just got back from his Birthday Weekend Getaway to the mountains of North Georgia.  We've been a Very Lot of times, and we always stay at Cedar House Inn and Yurts.  Because we love it there.  We love the North Georgia mountains because they're only an hour from Atlanta and are brimming with wineries, some of which are very good.  We love Cedar House because the owners run a warm and welcoming eco-friendly inn.  MaryBeth serves a fabulous vegetarian breakfast every morning and has cookies and chai available every afternoon and evening.  Fred has turned the grounds into a permaculture landscape of swales and edible vegetation.

At any rate, we got home last evening, and when I got up this morning I realized that it's already Food52sday.  Apparently relaxing at the inn makes time go faster. So, I ran and grabbed our List of Joy and settled in to choose.  This week's pick wasn't a hard call at all. Linguine with Breadcrumbs and Kale, if you leave out the kale, is Comforting Noodles. With the kale, it's comfort plus kinda healthy. Bonus!

This recipe also gives anyone who is cooking along a chance to play around--making additions and substitutions as they see fit.  I'm looking forward to playing with this. I want to stay true to the heart of the dish, that it should be easy and good.  Which for me means it should be on the table in about half an hour.

I'm not quite sure what changes I'm going to make, but I'm looking forward to them.  As with last week's fantastic mashed potatoes, I already know what this dish will taste like if made according to the recipe, so I think I will play a bit.  But there will be kale. And there will be breadcrumbs. And pasta.

I hope you find this recipe as inspiring as we do, that you'll cook along, and that you'll post the results next Tuesday either on the Recipe Interpretation post or over on the facebook fan page.  (If you think you wanna play, just leave a comment down below). Until then, here's the recipe for Linguini with Breadcrumbs and Kale by the Hotplate Gourmet. Follow her link to find her on twitter, facebook and her blog, as well.

And that's it. Take care, and have a lovely day.






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