The Food52 Cookbook: The Regifting

Share your favorite recipe for a chance to win!

UPDATE:  The contest is now over! Thanks for all of your great recipes shared over on the fb page, and congratulations to Teri McHugh, the winner!!

A couple of weeks ago, I won a copy of The Food52 Cookbook through a giveaway hosted by Heather, @FarmgirlGourmet. (Thank you, Heather)!! Last Friday, it came in the mail, and The Beloved and I spent portions of the weekend Perusing its Pages and curating a short list of 21 recipes that we found particularly inspiring and delicious-sounding.  Not to say that all 140 recipes aren't great--they all seem to be. For some, though, I didn't need more than the name of the recipe. From the name, I can put together something Extremely Yummy without having to look at the specific ingredient list. You know the kind of recipe I mean--the ones whose titles are a description of the dish itself: White Fish en Papillote with Citrus on a Bed of Asparagus and Mint Risotto. (No, this is not a recipe in the book, but it could be).

There were a couple of recipes--just a couple--that the winner for that week submitted without ever having tried. I think that is cheating, although the recipes won and obviously deserved to be in the book. But still, I think you should have actually made--or at least tasted--your submission. But then again, I wasn't an editor and I didn't make the rules.

At any rate, we have our short list, and now it is time to pass on the book. I hope that the winner curates their own short list and then passes the book along to inspire someone else, but I shan't hold the winner to that. Besides, this book really is a keeper. The pictures are lovely--I like the Artful presentation of the ingredients for each dish--and the words are nice, too, with a little about each cook and maybe a short back story on the dish as well as Food52 community members' feedback on the recipes.  The folks who submitted are all passionate cooks, and it certainly shows in their work.  I really have been inspired, and this year I will be doing a series of posts based upon our Short List of Yum. But you don't want to hear about that right now. You want to know how to win this copy for yourself.

Since all the recipes in The Food52 Cookbook are shared by home cooks--and there wouldn't be a Food52 Cookbook at all if nobody was a share-er--for a chance to win, simply share a recipe with me here on my facebook page. If you're not on facebook, please share your recipe in the comments section of this post.  I'll choose a random winner on Friday, January 27, 2012 at noon EST.

Looking forward to seeing all of your amazing recipes. Who knows, maybe I'll put together our own community cookbook!  And remember, those of you who are squidgy about sharing recipes, if nobody wanted to share, there wouldn't be so many wonderful cookbooks out there, not to mention magazines, blogs, websites, etc. So don't be shy; share for a chance to win The Food52 Cookbook!

**Unfortunately this contest is limited to folks who live in the US since I shall be paying shipping and I am not, contrary to popular belief and my fervent hope, made of money.  Also, please note this is not a brand new copy, as I have perused the book and will be passing it along to the winner. It is in like-new condition however.






  1. breabella says

    My newest obsession is the recipe for an ingredient…Vanilla Sugar. I’ve made tons of it and bake with it all the time now.

    2 cups white sugar
    2 vanilla beans

    Whiz together in a food processor until the vanilla beans are pulverized. Use a sieve to strain out the large pieces of beans. Store in an airtight container and use liberally.

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