Finding The Balance for The Balanced Pastry Chef

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You may or may not have noticed that I changed the name of my blog from Pastry Methods and Techniques to The Balanced Pastry Chef. I changed the name after really coming to understand on a deep personal level that food can heal, and food can kill. Not like the Deadly Oleander--suddenly and with sharp stomach pains--but slowly and insidiously.  And advertisers keep wanting us to buy Killer Food. Dead food.

I really don't want to sound all scarily heavy and Depressing, but I think there are still people out there who think that, if it's sold in a grocery store as food, then it must be okay to eat.  And that's just not true. The more overly processed the food is, the more I feel the need to enclose the word in quotation marks, thusly: "food."

And that's where the balance comes in. Because y'all know I'm a Fan of sugary goodness, of gooeyness, of deep, dark, chocolatey love, of caramel. Mmmm.....caramel....

I have also been known to eat an entire bag of Cheez Doodles on a road trip. Not even a long road trip. And a big bag.  YooHoo is my favorite road trip beverage.  Oreos delight me.  I used to unroll Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls and lick out the filling (notice the past tense there. I recently realized that they taste like chemicals. Go figure).  No matter how large the container of ice cream, it contains one serving.  I cannot shove Cool Ranch Doritos into my face quickly enough.

Because I am aware of my "food" weaknesses, I stay away from them for the most part.  I haven't had a Cheez Doodle/YooHoo binge in well over a year.  I haven't eaten Oreos in at least that long.  I never buy Little Debbies anymore. Ever.  Cool Ranch Doritos? A misty memory from 2010, probably. And ice cream? Well, I try to only buy some once every couple of months.

I could go on and on about why these processed foods are Bad for us, but there are plenty of people who do it better than me, and with stuff like Research to back them up.  I've read some of the research, but for me, all that boxed, packaged food just feels intuitively Wrong.  And I trust my intuition. And the research. For now, I'll leave this alone and move on.

Around the time I changed my name to BPC, The Beloved and I started drinking green smoothies.  Tasty and nutritious.  Also, cottage cheese and flax oil smoothies (which are delightful, by the way) to get good fats into our cells.  And we're eating a ton more vegetables in stir fries and just as Side Dishes. And these are all good things, things that I think balance out my ooey-gooey, chocolately, bready, ice creamy, caramely indulgences.

These are all good things, and both of us are feeling happier and healthier in general.  But, especially after the holidays, I felt that I really needed to do something a bit Radical. To wipe my digestive slate clean and start off fresh.  I'd been reading about The Master Cleanse off and on for a few months now. I sheepishly must admit that the first time I ever heard of it, it was from @mrskutcher. I don't even really know how it happened, but at least it was on my radar. Thanks for that, Demi.

Since I'm more than a tad OCD, I read everything I could get my mouse on about The Master Cleanse, and it appears to Do Things that I have previously decided were important, like alkalizing and balancing and detoxing and cleansing and a bunch of other benefits that just seem, well, beneficial.

So, I'm doing that now. Even as I type, I am five days into a ten day cleanse, and all is going well.  And when I'm finished with the cleanse, when my Innerds are Tabula Rasa, I will slowly start to reintroduce healthy foods, and I will also welcome the more-frequent-than-occasional indulgence, and I'll share them all with you. The healthy and the Not So Healthy. But never the Dead. (I'll keep that to myself).

I wish for you all not only health and happiness, but enough dessert to keep you that way. Because it really is all about the balance.





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    Ah, how true … the elusive balance! But it sure sounds like you are well on your way, and I wish you all the best!

    In my humble experience, when I actually manage to start eating “better” (i e rationing sweets, opting for fibres and a lot of vegetables etcetera), the easier it becomes to stay on the right track. And it is not only about habit-formation, but a lot more about that fresh, healthy and nice feeling of not really “craving the unhealthy” any longer (it is just unfortunate that relapses into the old excessive ways tend to bring back those cravings so quickly;-).

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      Thanks, Anders. I’m a serious relapser, so I think hitting reset w/this cleanse will go a long way to help curb any “bad” cravings, although I certainly do still intend to indulge once in awhile! 🙂

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