Hammock Week: The Last Week of the Year is Always the Weirdest

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I'm not sure why that is.  It's like there's this huge build up to Christmas: frantic shopping and decorating and cooking and baking and partying and some worshiping and some more shopping and then some Oh Shit I Forgot Doololly's Gift and the Final Mad Scramble at the Eleventh Hour.  I don't know, it's just a lot of build up to a one, maybe two, day event.  Spurred on by the crazy Target Shopping Lady, we all run around like Mad People making sure to get it all done. And then it is done. (It came just the same). Makes me wonder: should we spend literally 60 times as much time getting ready for a Thing as we spend on the Thing Itself?

And after the Thing is over, we all crash. And we eat. Because on January 1st, we have all sworn to Stop Eating. And between now and then we have a refrigerator, freezer and pantry to clean out people. Don't just sit there; get busy!

Before we know it, it's time for New Year's. Everyone has a different tradition, I guess, but lots of folks dress up and get all Celebrate-y and make sure to find someone to kiss at midnight and they sing and they drink and dance and blow horns and What Not. And most of them haven't even recovered from Christmas. Some folks don't even work between the two holidays. Nobody goes to school. Not a lot gets done in the earning/learning department during that weird last week of the year.

The saggy, strange hammock of a week that hangs between the sparkly posts of Christmas and New Year's.

What have I been doing during Hammock Week?  Let's see.  I slept a Very Lot on Monday, because I was Exhausted from our Whirlwind Christmas Trip.  I did some writing and cleaning of cat cages.  I bought some glass storage containers, because we are trying to get away from plastics.  [As for the rise of plastics in the first place, I blame Sam Wainwright. (Click that link. Seriously. It's awesome)]. I baked a cake and mailed it off to a dear friend. I sent some folks a few of my new business cards.  We have a friend coming to stay overnight on Thursday, so I expect some Cleaning lies in my future. Ye Olde (Newe) Sleep Number Bed will be arriving on Friday. I eagerly await finding out MY sleep number, as does The Beloved.

Even with some Activity, the whole week feels like a giant Pause. A held breath. The moment when a yo-yo reaches the bottom of the string and just. hangs. there.

It's as if the whole Christmas-celebrating world grinds to a halt before ringing in a new year that everyone hopes will be better than the one we are leaving behind.  Many folks start the new year on such a hysterical high note that they spend the First Actual Day of that new year in a near-coma. Not an auspicious beginning.  I've never really been one to Drink to Excess during celebrations, but even so, as the hammock swoops up to New Year, my intention is to spend January 1st the way that I'd like to spend my year: by giving, by sharing, by being kind.

My wish for all of us is that we find those things that fulfill us and live every day with positive intention, affirming the good in ourselves and others. Without being all Pollyanna-ish, I believe that we can know about the negative stuff going on in the world while still focusing on the good.  We attract what we focus on, and I will focus on the right, the good, the healthy and the tasty.





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    Wonderful post! I love the last paragraph best, with your good, positive wishes! Thanks for your kindness, support & friendship, Jenni ! And for you and your Beloved…wishes forPeace, Prosperity & much Happiness for 2012!

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