Pumpkin-Palooza–Pumpkin Recipe Round Up

If you've been hanging around here for more than a minute or two, you'll have Noted that I'm on a bit of a Pumpkin Tear these days. But, I'm not the only one! So, I put out the word on twitter and facebook to send in your sweet or savory pumpkin recipes.  And here they are!

If you'd like me to add one or more of yours, just leave the link in the comments and I'll add it.  For now, enjoy these recipes. Some are mine; most are not. All sound wonderful and can be made with any winter squash or pumpkin. Enjoy, and have a lovely day!

One more thing: La Casa de Sweets is conducting a Bloggers Unite for Africa fundraiser and giveaway. Please go check it out, donate to a good cause and/or enter to win one of the great prizes. The giveaway ends on Sunday, November 13, so get thee there, stat!


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    Looks like a fantastic lineup!
    I need to get more pumpkin, I foree some serious food happening!!
    Wow what to make first?
    That Pumpkin Chai Panna Cotta sounds amazing!

    Thanks Jenni!

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    October turned out to be the month of plums for me with a brief detour into bananas. Now it’s time to bring on the pumpkin. Great recipe round up-thank you! I think I’m going to start with your pumpkin profiteroles. Pumpkin scones, waffles, and whoopie pies are also on my list.

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    I am a total sucker for pumpkin! I wish I could convert my husband…if I could, I would make as many of these as I could. As it stands now, I would be forced to eat it all myself. LOL Great roundup!

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      I’m the lag-behind in the pumpkin arena, but I’m definitely catching up with a vengeance! Thanks for adding your nog. Will be making that soon; have never had a pumpkin beverage. Time to change that! 🙂

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