Spiced Pumpkin Black and Tan Cookies

As I posted just a Wee Bit ago, I was in Pumpkin Cookie Mode today. First, I made what I’m calling Truly, Madly, Deeply Espresso Pumpkin Cookies. If you’d like that recipe, which is really quite Yummy, here you go.  But what I really wanted to make was a version of black and white cookies. […]

Espresso Pumpkin Cookies

So, as soon as I found out it was Pumpkin Day, being a New Fan and all, I felt compelled to Make something Pumpkin-y.  What? “You’ve already got four pumpkin posts in a row,” you say? I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up. Is this thing even on? At any rate, it is […]

PMAT Live! Episode 18 Making Chocolate From Scratch

You might think that the title up there is incomplete. “Making chocolate whats?” you might ask. Chocolate eggs? Chocolate cake? Chocolate mousse?  No, dear friends, the title is correct. In the name of Crafting and Intrepid-ness, a local blogging friend, Amber from Fifty First Crafts and I teamed up to actually make chocolate from scratch. […]

Espresso Pumpkin Butter Sweet Rolls and Sticky Buns: Two, Two, Two Treats in One

In my career as a Human Being, I have had some interesting ideas: flour, water, sugar and pink food coloring to make a beverage for a tea party? Awesome!  I’ve had some Terrible ideas: Gee, Greg (my younger brother), sorry I hit you very hard on your arm. Here, we’ll put some baby powder on […]

Espresso Pumpkin Butter, for Those Who Love a Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte

A few days ago, I asked what folks’ favorite pairing with coffee was, and I got a lot of great responses.  Seems people like coffee with almost every flavor, from fruit to nuts to chocolate and caramel. And then someone said “pumpkin.” Which got me thinking about pumpkin pie spice lattes and how they sound […]

Pumpkin Chai Panna Cotta

I like black tea with milk and sugar. I like spiced tea and herbal tea with honey.  I usually Do Not Want spicy-milky tea. So, chai and I have never really been friends. You just need to know that up front. Another thing you should know about me: I hit one of my best friends […]

Sunday Suppers: Cajun Fusion Chili

This is a classic example of a Make Do with What’s On Hand meal.  The happy thing about this particular meal was that we didn’t just make do–we ate Very, Very Well.  Friends Thomas and Roberta brought us a baggie of peppers of Unknown Hotness from their garden.  I had some happy andouille in the […]

Yaga Stew, A Very Special Multi-Media Monday Edition of Sunday Suppers

Based on borscht, I chose to use pork ribs as the protein for Yaga Stew for what should be Obvious Reasons… My friend Jamie is a poet.  Not the tights-wearing, feathered-cap, Courtly type.  He’s more Poe-ish and Carroll-esque and darksome and creepy.  Last year, he and his Evil Genius friends, musician and producer Kevin Smith […]