Peanut Butter Pie for My Beloved, for Mikey and for Linda (but she can only look at it)

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apieformikey 001Blogging is a weird thing.  Tweet with someone two or three times, and you feel as if you know them.  Friend them on facebook, and you're all of a sudden meeting for lunch. Or dinner.  Or a weekend in the country.

Friendships are forged fairly quickly out in the ether.  Maybe it's because we aren't sizing each other up to see what the other is wearing. Or maybe it's because it's safe to show who you are behind the anonymity of a keyboard and screen.  Whatever it is, it's a real thing.  Folks who don't hang out on the Hinternets don't understand it, I don't think.  But some of the dearest people I know I have met through my website and blog.

One of the first questions I ever got was from a lady named Linda.  She wrote to me after having found my site, and she had a lot of questions about working in a commercial kitchen and running a pastry station.  She had just become the pastry chef at a country club, and now she was trying to figure out how to make it work.  We wrote back and forth for a long time, and then we became facebook friends.  And then she came to visit for a weekend.  Her kids and husband made her call them every 14 minutes just to let them know that she hadn't gone to spend the weekend with an ax murderer.

apieformikey 009She has visited a few times since then, and we've been up to see her for lunch on our way to stay with Cousin Ken.  Linda left the country club awhile back and recently she has been busily and happily getting ready to open her own bakery. Which will be The Bomb.  The Beloved and I have been planning to go up for the opening, and we couldn't be more excited for her.

Then, a couple of days ago, I was checking out her facebook page and saw all these comments about "praying for you," and "get well soon," and "we love you," and stuff like that.  So, I wrote up there something along the lines of "What the Hell?!"  And then I didn't hear anything.  Her phone never works, so I messaged one of the "I'm praying for you," people to find out what was happening.  She said that Linda was "coming along," and that I should contact her husband.  So, I messaged the Attractive Bob, and he shot back that Linda had had a massive heart attack and had almost died.  She needed Huge surgery and a couple of new valves and bypasses and other Scary Cardiac Stuff.

apieformikey 017Well, shit.  And this after just hearing about Jennie's heart-wrenching loss.  So now, my pie is in honor and memory of two people, one whom I never knew, but whose wife I'd tweeted with before.  And my dear friend who just barely dodged the same bullet on what was possibly the same day.

Life is short, friends are dear, and family is irreplaceable.  Jennie asked that anyone who wanted to help her in her healing to make her husband Mikey's favorite dessert--a peanut butter pie.  I had already committed to doing so before I got the news about Linda.

apieformikey 015So this evening, The Beloved and I will enjoy slices of peanut butter pie after a dinner of his favorite foods.  And we will think of Mikey and of Jennie and of their beautiful girls.  And we will also be very grateful that Linda is still with us.  And we will enjoy our meal and be oh-so-grateful for each and every moment that we have together.

But Linda, if you're reading this, know that we won't be sharing this pie with you.  You just had a heart attack, for God's sake!

PS I used Jennie's recipe (see link above) but added about 3/4 teaspoons of fine sea salt to the peanut butter filling as well as adding a thin /layer of chocolate/peanut butter ganache on top.  And I also made my own chocolate cookies for the crust.

PPS Go hug your loved ones right now.


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    This is such a lovely tribute to both Jennie and your friendship with Linda. I had to laugh about her having to check in with the family! I pray for her continued recovery and want to say it is a pleasure to meet you!

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      I thought it was pretty funny, too. But very sweet that they were concerned about her! Thank you so much for stopping by–another silver lining in the midst of the sadness is meeting new people. 🙂

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    This was really beautiful. I have thought much the same thing about the blogging community; it’s not truly hundreds of us sitting in our living rooms in some sort of vacuum. I am so honored to be a part of this community who clearly loves food AND one another. Thank you for your wonderful words and sharing your story with us!

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    I am so happy to hear about your dear friend Linda and hope she is on her way to recovery. I was familiar with Jennie on Twitter though we had never actually engaged in any conversation. But it didn’t matter when I read about what happened to her Mikey. After such a devastating loss, I am sure she has found a great measure of comfort from the love and support shown by wonderful people like you, who share sympathy and kindness with anyone who needs it.

    This pie looks amazing! Thank you for sharing it. 😎

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      It really has been a fantastic effort to be part of. The pie, as it turns out, was only a bonus. It was never about the pie; it was about what the pie symbolized. Taking the time to say “I love you” while we still have the time. 🙂

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    I just told someone right before coming here to visit…this effort, while so supportive of Jennie and her family, has become about more than that. Other’s struggling with losses, both current and in the past, making this pie as a way of both providing and also feeling comfort. Yours looks divine and I’m glad to hear Linda is on the mend. Take care.

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    Love the mini peanut butter cups on your pie! And very glad to hear that your friend is ok. I just made my own peanut butter mousse recipe – which is very similar to the one currently making the rounds – with the addition of a little vanilla salt. Thanks for the salt reminder. 🙂 I’ll be using it as the filling for some whoopie pies for a bbq tomorrow. I’m a few days late to the party, but I’m still enormously grateful for all the people I love in my life, and will try to do more to show them just how much I appreciate them, every day.

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    The mini cups: cuter than they taste. As our neighbor’s 10-year-old pointed out, there’s too much chocolate and not enough peanut butter. He’s right, too! You whoopie pies sound fantastic; I do accept overseas packages, just so you know. 😉

    I think this whole exercise has helped many of us to refocus our priorities while we have the chance.

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    Jenni- Your pie looks divine! I’m craving the biggest slice right now:) I’m heartbroken over Jennie’s loss. It’s wonderful how we all cake together with her to make pies in honor of Mikey. I’m praying Linda is healing. She’s lucky to have you as a friend. xx

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      Participating in #apieformikey has been one of the most amazing things ever. We all focused on one family, but at the same time, it was healing for all of us I think, because all of us have experienced loss of one sort or another. I will pass on your wishes to Linda. She seems to be getting stronger every day, and I’m lucky to have her as a friend. 🙂

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    The best looking peanut butter pie! a very nice way to remember or support a friend, I am sure Mikey is happy with all these pies many bloggers have made for him. I am glad to visit your blog, you have lot of delicious recipes. Hope to keep in touch.


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