The Four Pounds of Cheese Project: Midweek Report

Well, hi there friends. So, we're halfway through day four of Four Pounds of Cheese, and the project has been really eye opening for me.  I am thinking so much more about what we waste and trying to be more proactive in coming up with ways to use up what we have before it goes bad.

As some of you guys have pointed out, overbuying is a big part of our problem here.  This week has been particularly challenging because The Beloved's dad and girl friend came to spend the night late last week and brought us a ton of fruits and veggies.  Added on top of what we already had in the house, it's quite a bit to get through, especially since there are only two of us here.

On a sad and not-entirely-unrelated note, our beautiful cat Woods died on Tuesday, and we buried him in the back yard in the wildflower garden.  We are both devastated, and our other guys all miss him, too.  Yesterday, I was feeling so sad that I was just going to make some comforting noodles for dinner.  But then I realized that if I indulged in being too sad to cook, that would mean that we'd end up letting some food go bad.  So, I cooked anyway.

Just wanted to let you all know how it's going around here.  I'd love to hear how you guys are doing with #FourPounds at your place.  Please check in here, on twitter or on the facebook or Google+ event pages.

Thanks, and have a lovely day.


  1. Susan Schmid says

    The wildflower garden is a good place. We buried our wonderful kitty in the tiny aspen grove where he liked to nap. I think it is good we don’t have to count wasted kitty food as it only takes one or two picky eaters to totally skew the results. 🙂

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