Sunday Suppers Two-fer: Dinner Quesadillas with Leftovers for Breakfast

quesadillasHello, filling and hearty quesadilla!

You know how when you don't have a ton of food in the house because you have to Resupply but you're hungry and it's dinnertime and you need to find something to put in your face? Well, that happened to us on Friday.  So, I searched the fridge, freezer, cupboards, etc. to come up with a Yummy Smackerel for our Supper.

As you may have heard me say before, anything slapped between two tortillas counts as dinner.  This still holds true to this Day.  Here's what I found:

  • some keen sourdough, whole wheat tortillas from Whole Foods
  • pepper jack cheese
  • frozen black bean chipotle burgers
  • some leftover black beans that I had made with lime and cumin
  • avocados that I mashed up with some lime juice and onion for a very simple guacamole
  • sour cream
quesadillasHow's that for Sure-Fire leftovers?!

Now, these WF tortillas are Pretty Serious.  They have a lot of flavor, are a wee bit thicker than what I consider Traditional Tortilla Thickness, and add a lot of flavor (and calories) to whatever--I think one Big Ass Tortilla contains 130 calories.  So, I knew that we probably couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't Down two big old tortillas apiece.  I went ahead and made two whole quesadillas anyway, because I had a Plan for the leftovers.  I'll get to that in a minute.

Sour Dough Black Bean Dinner Quesadillas
Recipe type: App/Smackerel/Dinner
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 with leftovers
What You Need
  • about ½ cup black beans/lime juice/cumin leftovers
  • 1 frozen black bean chipotle burger
  • chipotle hot sauce, to taste
  • 4 Big Ass Tortillas
  • a tiny bit of oil
  • a handful of shredded cheese
  • guacamole
  • sour cream
What To Do
  1. Throw the frozen black bean burger, the black beans and the hot sauce into a small pan. Heat, chopping up the black bean burger, until everything is heated through and steamy, about ten minutes on medium-ish heat.
  2. Rub a little oil in the bottom of your cast iron skillet. Place one tortilla in the skillet, smear on half the black bean mixture and a sprinkling of cheese (just a bit–this isn’t supposed to be a grilled cheese sammich). Top with the other tortilla and heat until golden brown.
  3. Flip and heat the other side until golden brown. Place in a toaster oven on low to keep warm while you repeat the whole process with the other two tortillas and Fixin’s.
  4. Cut each quesadilla into 6-8 wedges (I went with 8 ) and serve with sour cream, guac, salsa and/or any other yummy condiment-y type items you have.


quesadillasHola, leftovers!

I ended up eating 5 wedges and The Beloved ate six.  That left 5 for breakfast the next morning.  I don't think I need to write a "recipe" for this part, but look what we did. We both thought that, while our quesadillas were great for dinner, they were So Much Better for breakfast the next day.  There's just something about a fried egg that makes everything Yummier.

quesadillasDo you see those wee chunks of pepper jack?  The Beloved cut them. They got melty on the outside
and stayed firm on the inside. Delightful!
quesadillasDear lord, was this good!!!  Runny yolk and jiggly whites marrying with the hearty tortillas and silky guac?!  Slurp.

And that's pretty much it!  If you have some tortillas and cheese languishing in the fridge, do yourself a favor and make some quesadillas.  And if you also have eggs, bonus!  Save some for breakfast the next morning.

Take care, and have a lovely day!


  1. says

    I’d say you did VERY well with not a lot in the house. I love everything you made. Yum. Thanks for coming over to Foodtrainers, I appreciated your thoughtful comment. There are plenty of farming jobs (as Rebecca’s post mentioned today) I say let’s move the fast food workers to those jobs. Cheers.

    • says

      Isn’t Rebecca great?! That’s a good point–just move the folks from one industry to another. It’s an option, but it might be difficult. Many fast-food jobs are in urban areas and farms are…not. But at least it’s some creative thinking. I think we need lots of people willing to think outside the box and shake up the status quo to make way for positive change.

    • ecoteri says

      homemade… home made. we do lots of corn tortillas – Masa is our friend. I recently cooked at the kid’s school and ended up with leftovers. Brought them home, wrapped in bundles of 6 or 8 and then packed them all into a suction sealed baggie and froze. as we used each bundle, I re sealed the remainders. nummy. I will make more for storage in the future, and plane more wheat flour ones too.

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