Great Grains Cereal: Awesome Marketing

OK. Have you guys seen this commercial? If not, I implore you to Watch Now.

The Barely sub-Adonis-like Curtis Stone wandering through a wheat field (a la Sandy Duncan, The Wheat Thins Years) blathering some rubbish about how you can tell that the cereal is "less processed" because you can see the seam in the wheat. See the other guy's flake? No seam! Inconceivable! That crappy cereal is obviously over-processed. Ick. You know, because given today's technology, it's impossible to manufacture a seam.

Now, I'm not saying that this be-seamed cereal is Not Good.  I'm just saying that if McDonald's can sell a sandwich that is shaped to look like a wee rack of ribs--bones and all--with nothing more than a Play-Doh mold, a steamer and a brown marker, the Post folks could surely figure out how to create a Seam down the centers of their cereal flakes.  Not that they did.  But they could have.  To wit: the commercial, she is crap.

So, am I the only person who feels this way?  Am I the only one who watches commercials and asks, "Who, exactly, are these geniuses targeting?" or "How many takes did it take to get through this with a straight face?!" or blurts out, "Crack smokers!"  Maybe I should develop a hobby. Or a different hobby. Weigh in in the comments section, if you like.  Have a lovely day!


  1. says

    I work in marketing, and sometimes, particularly as I photoshop images to make them more appealing, I really don’t like what I do…

  2. says

    Oh, dear. Curtis has graduated from annoying 21 million Australians and is after the big prize! I am glad I am not the only person who takes my irritation with ads to the blog. This is just a small drop in the Curtis ocean, though. In a series of recipe cards for a supermarket chain here last year (something along the lines of “feed your family for $10”) he specified using that supermarket’s cage eggs. Blerg.

    Plus I wonder how many times that was taped before the director said “Curtis? You’re going to have to pronounce processed in a different accent. People understand Australians ONLY TO A POINT.” (We say pro-cessed, where “pro” rhymes with “bro”.)

    The seam! The seam! Heh.

  3. mark says

    whoo boy…you will die young if you stress out about these things. post is showing how they don’t mess with the wheat grain…so some people will like it others won’t care. not sure how it makes people mad lol.

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      It’s a bit of a tongue in cheek post, Mark, but the reality is that, while the Post folks are probably being more-or-less honest about how their cereal is less processed, it’s kind of silly to say it’s because you can still “see the seam.” That’s all. I promise that I will live a very long time:)

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    I just saw this tonight on TV and remembered I had to leave a comment here. All I could think was, “Hasn’t he ever seen puffed wheat?” Now that’s a minimally-processed grain cereal. So if you’re going to eat a grain cereal, and you want it minimally processed, that’s what you should be eating.

    And Ali, that Frito Lay commercial? Yeah, I believe there’s someone in a white chef’s coat slicing potatoes by hand, frying them up, and salting them by (again) hand. Seems totally believable. Why do you question it? (If my tongue were any farther in my cheek right now I wouldn’t be able to type without mumbling.)

  5. says

    Agreed. It is a very bad commercial. And I was going to ask what exactly makes Curtis Stone “sub-Adonis-like” but then I saw the ad. Stupidity is a major turn-off.

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