Sunday Suppers (Tuesday Edition): Black Bean and Bell Pepper Chili, Chorizo Optional

Quite often, I am happy to go on a leisurely stroll around the farmer’s market, trying to put together a great meal. But, let’s be real.  Just because I’m happy to do that doesn’t mean that I always can.  Or even want to, if I’m being very truthful.  There are those days where I really […]

Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Pound Cake

A couple of weekends ago, our neighbor had his 10th annual (and last) Crawfish Fest in his back yard.  He has done this every year (obviously, since it’s annual) to raise money for different charities.  He generally raises about $2000 for his chosen charity, which ain’t bad At All for a back yard party! As […]

PMAT Live! Episode 16: Pastry Questions Answered

At long, long (loooong) last, here’s the latest episode of PMAT Live! After putting it up, I realized that I had left out the part where I show how to make a pastry bag. I’ll put that up later today. Sorry to Tracey from Tangled Noodle for being slacker than usual. Anyway, I hope to […]

Henside the Beltline: Urban Chickens, Baby!

Friends, May is shaping up to be Quite Full of fun.  You might remember my post about the Henside the Beltline Tour d’Coop last year.  If not, here is a Refresher.  Having just gone back and read the post myself, I see that we were Ripe for raising chickens.  I had just read Eating Animals, […]

New Cookbook Review: The Fearless Baker, by Emily Luchetti

Update:  The giveaway is over, but the review still applies. So read on, people! First off, let me begin by saying a couple of Things. Thing One:  I was asked to review this book and was sent an e-copy by the delightful Anna Balasi, Online Marketing Associate with Little, Brown and Co.  She has graciously […]

Corned Beef Made from Local, Sustainable, Grass-Fed Beef! Brisket-Palooza (Life is Good)

I have a confession to make:  we are Fans of lunch meat.  My favorite sandwich as a kid, aside from cream cheese and jelly, was “boney-cheese-mayonnaise-bread-and-chips.”  In real person speak, that was a bologna and cheese sandwich with mayonnaise on white bread.  Before putting the top slice of bread on, you add a huge handful […]