Potato, Rice and Coconut Madness: The TaytoRiCo Round-Up

Welcome to the round-up, the Culmination of the TaytoRiCo Challenge!  For those of you who open your fridge or pantry and find yourself staring at a coupla potatoes, a handful or two of rice and a loverly bunch of coconuts, this post is for you!

Thanks to everyone who accepted the TaytoRiCo Challenge, Intrepid Bakers/Cooks, all!

Considering the ingredient list, the offerings are really diverse, so take a stroll down TaytoRiCo Boulevard and get inspired.  Click on each picture to go straight to its post.  I'll be adding more posts as folks submit them.

Since life is short and we should all Eat Dessert First, from Cherrie of the delightful Sweet Cherrie Pie comes this comforting coconut rice pudding with caramelized sweet potatoes.   Yum! Thanks, Cherrie!

Coconut Rice Pudding

It's like a bowlful of comfort.


Little me made a dessert, too.  After a lot of teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing and almost-calling-a-counselor, I give you the Potato Baba au Tres Leches, a FrankenBread homage to, potato bread, baba au rhum and a tres leches cake.

potato baba au tres leches

Nope--it's not a Southern Coconut Cake. It's a FrankenCake


Caroline of When Adobo Met Feijoada made these very keen little snowball-looking guys called Ube-Coconut Rice Balls.  And, she did it in between having to work, and then her husband used up the coconut milk.  She faced Much Adversity to bring us these little guys.  I love them!

Ube-Coconut Rice Balls

Look--there's a purple surprise in the center!


Aiofe, one of my TaytoRiCo-founders of Ireland's Best Food Blog The Daily Spud, presents this lovely, golden potato galette topped with coconut rice and prawns.  The beauty of this is that you can top it however you like.  Like yours truly, DS had a false TaytoRiCo start or two, but I'm digging the final product.

potato galette with coconut rice and prawns

A lovely bite for brunch or supper.


Elizabeth, from Asian in America, brings us an I've-Never-Seen-This-Before Philippine Tamales.  Who knew?!  Well, I guess the Filipinos knew.  Thanks for sharing this gem, tailored to the TaytoRiCo "standards," Elizabeth!

Philippine Tamale

Depending on the filling, this could be breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!


Tracey, the brains behind Tangled Noodle and the other TaytoRiCo-founder, offers this Purple Rice Komote & Shrimp in Coconut Sauce, made from fresh, local Filipino ingredients.  This is so cool for her, since she just recently moved back to Manila with her husband, Mr. Noodle, after living in the Wilds of Minnesota.  She apologizes (although she doesn't have to) for her post's being a little late.  When it is live, the picture will take you over to her post so you can learn how to make this tasty-looking dish!


Purple Rice Kamote & Shrimp in Coconut Sauce

Now *that* looks good.



As it is, this is a feast to be reckoned with. There is more to come,though, so check back later!



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    It was a pleasure and an honor to cook alongside great foodie friends. As I always say, Food UNITES. Food is UNIVERSAL. Food brings the WORLD together. Cheers my friends! Every entry to the Taytorico challenge looks fantastic!

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    I am feverishly trying to finish up my TaytoRiCo post, but am happily distracted by these sweet and savory offerings! Congratulations and thank you, Cherrie, Jenni, Aiofe and Elizabeth for your amazing entries. It’s 10:30pm here in Manila but I am getting so hungry for some potatoes, rice and coconut! 8-D

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    I have been following the TayToRiCo challenge and was so curious to see what people came up with. All of the dishes look wonderful and are a testament to everyone’s creativity. Can’t wait to see what you gals cook up next!

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    What fun! Sorry I couldn’t play along this time – finding a place to live has been taking up all my time for the last month. But it’s finally over, so maybe I can get back to cooking again. 🙂

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      Having a roof over your head is way more important than cooking with rice, potatoes and coconut, so I’m glad you guys found a place. Yay, Camille! But you’ll definitely have to play along next time we come up with a crazy challenge. 🙂

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