Gearing Up for TaytoRiCo: Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking of joining us for the #TaytoRiCo extravaganza next Thursday?  Feeling perhaps a bit daunted? Trepidatious? Alarmed?  Perhaps you are thinking, "Potatoes. Rice. Coconut.  Really?!  What am I supposed to do with those three ingredients?  How can I possibly cram them all into one dish? And have it actually work?"  Perhaps a few words from my Shiny New Alter Ego, Kwai PMAT Caine, can help you find your center, from whence your Creativity Floweth.

Ah, Grasshopper, the timid are so inflexible.  With Knowledge comes Flexibility.  And with Flexibility comes Success.  If the seed could only find one way up to the light, there would be no cracks in the sidewalk.  You must Seek the Path that is for your feet alone.  Therefore, only you can find it.

Alright, that's enough, Kwai.  You're already hurting my head, and you just got started.  Okay, folks, all you need to know is that "Tayto" can mean anything from white potatoes to yams to tater tots.  "Ri" covers it all from mochi to risotto to rice milk, and "Co" can mean coconut water, milk, cream of coconut, fresh, shredded, dessicated, etc.

I, and I'm sure @DailySpud and @TangledNoodle all would love for as many people as possible to participate, and therefore the rules are Very Flexible. (Like the seed? Go away, Kwai). But yes, like the seed.  We'd love to see what you come up with:  soup, bread, curry, dessert, beverage--whatever.  The fun is in the experimentation and in meeting new friends.

We all hope to make some new friends with TaytoRiCo, and we sincerely hope that you participate and/or spread the word to others.  Looking forward to it!

See you next Thursday!



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