Today I Shan’t Be Talking about Pound Cake…

chocolate pound cake

As much as I want to, I'm not talking about you today.

...which is weird, because I talk about pound cake a Very Lot. Perhaps more than is strictly necessary, if I'm being Soberly Honest, but I like it. Sue me.

Anyway, today is National Pound Cake Day.  Yay!  I just recently found someone to follow on twitter who is launching a new blog about pound cake This Very Day.  She goes by the name @PoundCakeQueen on twitter.  Go follow her immediately.  Her blog is called Princess Pound Cake.  That's her 3 year old daughter's alter ego/Super Girl Name.  Not sure what her powers are, but it's a great name.

At any rate, the Pound Cake Queen's goal is to give away a pound cake for every one she makes.  You know, like the fine folks at TOMS Shoes.  Anyway, this gave me an idea.  I want to use my super powers (afforded to me by The Hinternet and by filling out a form on the back of Marvel Comics #47) to bestow electronic pound cakes on others.  By spot-lighing folks who I think should be Spot-Lighted.  So, thank you, Pound Cake Queen, for the idea.  And now, on to Electronic Pound Cake Numero Uno:

Ncredible Edibles

Classy marbleized fondant

A few weeks ago, The Beloved and I went to Charlotte so he could brew and I could drink visit.  I went over to my mom and dad's for lunch, and during dessert, my mom that her sweet dog, China, had gotten free and Run Off.  Much panic and mayhem ensued.  Mother was hyperventilating, Father drove off in the car, and I ran out back into the stubbly corn field calling her name.  No China.

Ncredible Edibles

I think Princess Pound Cake could use this as a birthday cake!

I cut between two houses and asked a guy who was outside working on his car if he had seen a dog on the Lam, and he said no.  About that time, my mother came walking up between the houses, sucking on a brown paper bag.  She said to the Car Working-On Guy, "Oh, you should meet my daughter!"  Mother took the bag away from her face long enough to introduce us ("Anthony, Jenni.  Jenni, Anthony.  Jenni is a pastry chef.  Anthony makes wonderful cakes.") And then she wandered off again, nervously crinkling the brown bag in her wee, worried hands, in search of her lost puppy.

Ncredible Edibles

He does a great job with shaped cakes.

Since I am a bad daughter and am Drawn to Cake as a moth to flame, I stayed to talk to Anthony.  He showed me his portfolio, and friends, he does excellent work.  I asked him if he had any formal training, and he does have a certificate for your basic Cooking/Baking 101-type stuff.  But, he learned cake decorating all on his own, through trial and error.  He started his business, 'Ncredible Edibles, in Connecticut, and now he lives outside of Charlotte, NC, just down the street from my mom.

Ncredible Edibles

How cute is this little cake-mobile?!

I was so impressed with his work that I wanted to find some way to promote him.  So, I'm linking to his site over there in the side bar under Businesses and featuring him today on the blog.  Seriously, friends, go check out his site.  If you live in the Charlotte area and need a special occasion cake, consider calling him.  Not only is he The Nicest Guy, he is also really good at what he does.  If you live Elsewhere, give him a call.  Maybe he ships. Please visit his site and/or like him on facebook.

Ncredible Edibles

Talk about a statement cake!

And China?  Mother finally found her.  In the house.  She's going a bit Deaf (she's twelve) and just didn't hear when mom called her.  Mom went running back into the house, maybe to call the Fire Department or something, and China was standing there looking up at her, all "What's going on? I was napping."  But, you know what, if we hadn't had that false alarm, I probably wouldn't have met Anthony.  And I'm so glad I met him.  It was Kismet.

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