The TaytoRiCo Challenge: Potato Baba au Tres Leches

Well, that’s what I’m calling it, anyway.  Back when we first started discussing the TaytoRiCo extravaganza, I had a vision of making a lovely, smooth baked custard.  I actually did make one a couple of weeks ago with the Ri and the Co.  It was extremely good, but I couldn’t think of a way to […]

Gearing Up for TaytoRiCo: Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking of joining us for the #TaytoRiCo extravaganza next Thursday?  Feeling perhaps a bit daunted? Trepidatious? Alarmed?  Perhaps you are thinking, “Potatoes. Rice. Coconut.  Really?!  What am I supposed to do with those three ingredients?  How can I possibly cram them all into one dish? And have it actually work?”  Perhaps a few words from […]

Irish Shortbread

I made these little guys to go with the Irish Coffee Panna Cottas I made a couple of days ago. Shortbread is really a Scottish treat, but my friend, Ireland’s own @DailySpud, said that they Rather Enjoy shortbread there. That was all I needed to hear.  I found a good, standard shortbread recipe, and I […]

Irish Coffee Panna Cotta

This is my entry in The Daily Spud’s St. Paddy’s Day Food Parade.  Enjoy!  And please wander over there as well to check out all the other mouthwatering entries.  If you’ve found yourself here because of the Parade, welcome! Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. I know–It’s very exciting. I’ll give you a moment to compose […]

The TaytoRiCo Challenge, Or Tubers, Grasses and Drupes, Oh My

In what world would three relatively sane women decide that it is a good idea to use potatoes, rice and coconut in a dish? Together. At the same time. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the Twitterverse, wherein snippets of thought–not necessarily complete thoughts, mind you–140 characters long get bandied about at the speed of light.  […]

My Take on the King Cake

King Cake

Apparently, there are two schools of thought concerning King Cake. School Number One says that “authentic” King Cakes should have a wee baby shoved inside them. They should be seasoned with lemon and contain raisins. Maybe they should have some sort of cream cheese filling. And they absolutely must have purple, gold and green Very […]

Sunday Suppers: Carb-Lovers’ Cream of Chicken Soup

This is a pretty easy soup to put together, as are most soups. I started with leftover turkey stock from Thanksgiving. Yes, it had been frozen, thankyouverymuch.  To that, I added one happy chicken and poached him for about an hour or so.  From there on out, it was simply a matter of seasoning, thickening […]

Today I Shan’t Be Talking about Pound Cake…

Ncredible Edibles

…which is weird, because I talk about pound cake a Very Lot. Perhaps more than is strictly necessary, if I’m being Soberly Honest, but I like it. Sue me. Anyway, today is National Pound Cake Day.  Yay!  I just recently found someone to follow on twitter who is launching a new blog about pound cake […]