PMAT Live! Episode 13: Working with Puff Pastry–The Riveting Conclusion to the Two-Part Puff Pastry Series

I finally pulled myself together enough to finish the second part of the puff pastry video.  Once you see it, you will see where I Really Mess Up.  I debated about leaving all that out (editing is a very powerful Thing) so as to keep you guys all believing that I am Perfect and Awe-Inspiring.  But, I have feet of clay, and I am not too proud to let you guys see that.  Besides, if my mistakes help you Not Make Mistakes, then it's all good.  Right? You're still allowed to laugh at me a little, though.

Watch, enjoy and learn (not necessarily in that order).  Have a lovely day.

Oh, and if you missed Part 1 (PMAT Live! Episode 12), here it is: How to Make Puff Pastry


  1. says

    Yay! Thank you! We used to bake sheets of puff for mmillefeuille/napoleons with at least one whole sheet pan on top to keep it from puffing too high or unevenly. That stuff has a mind of its own! Now I want palmiers.

  2. Tracey says

    Great video as always Jenni. Thanks for the helpful tips on making puff pastry. I like the fact that you can show your oops moments too, as we all do have them, whether we are a pastry chef or home cook!

  3. says

    I started the video and stopped it almost immediately. Your pastry was in a rectangle. I mean a real, live RECTANGLE. You know, with congruent sides and square corners and everything. HOW DO YOU DO THAT??????????? Groovy rolls out aomebas. Only aomebas!

  4. says

    Ok…Now I’ve seen the whole thing. The time lapse filming while they baked was amazing. If I make some i know I’m going to spend the whole time they’re baking just sitting in front of the oven window and saying, “Groooooovy!”


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