Some Things are More Pressing Than Shameless Self-Promotion or Plant a Tree for the Auburn Trees

Plant a tree in Honor of the Toomer's Oaks

I fully intended to post about my media one-two punch when I Got To Be on the radio and in the online edition of the local paper on the same day.  I know; I will give you a moment. But, last evening, I read what is quite possibly the worst story I have ever read.  […]

PMAT Live! Episode 13: Working with Puff Pastry–The Riveting Conclusion to the Two-Part Puff Pastry Series

I finally pulled myself together enough to finish the second part of the puff pastry video.  Once you see it, you will see where I Really Mess Up.  I debated about leaving all that out (editing is a very powerful Thing) so as to keep you guys all believing that I am Perfect and Awe-Inspiring.  […]