A Poll, A Poll! People Like Polls, Right?

Celebrating Festivus 2Update:  The poll is now Closed.  Looks like we'll be discussing pastry dough, followed by chocolate and then eggies.  Stay tuned for the Dessert Component series.  I might even give out certificates!

I was just thinking as I left the grocery store with a pack of unscented baby wipes* that it is High Time that I got some of your input in the form of a poll. I, personally, am a Sucker for polls. Festivus is my favorite holiday.

Inspired by Greg over at SippitySup!, who is Very Good at Serieses,  I am starting a series of posts on dessert components.  You know, crusts and fillings and Stuff.  Most components are extremely versatile and will Serve You Well once you learn to make them.  So, I figured I'd kick off the series with the component that you guys think is (or would be, if you're not already making it) the most versatile.

To that end, I give you my poll. Please vote, and after a few days, when a Clear Winner emerges, I will teach you all you ever wanted to know about the Chosen One and give you a myriad of different ideas about how to use It and vary it to your tastes.  Ready...Set...Poll!

  • chocolate
  • pastry cream
  • sponge cake
  • pastry dough
  • fruit compote
  • eggs

Please use the comments section here or over on the poll page to add any editorial comments to your pick or to Nominate a Write-In Candidate.  Thank you, and have a lovely day!

*Ask, if you really want to know...


  1. says

    See, with my vote I brought “pastry dough” back to a neck-to-neck with that boring chocolate thingy.
    Pastry dough, people! That’s where the true art resides.
    Chocolate’s all done and ready for brainless consumption.
    Aah – pastry dough…never had a “perfect one”, but 99%’s already heaven.

  2. Jennifer says

    Since you said most VERSATILE pastry component instead of favorite or most tasty component… I, too, chose pastry dough over chocolate. The variety that I have seen with the most basic of pastry dough probably outnumbers all of the other components combined. Though chocolate is second in my book.

  3. Cindy says

    My vote is for “eggs”… can’t figure out why my “stuff” with eggs doesn’t come out so well… and I use the ones with the “tattoo” that says “EB”…..
    I’d also like to learn about the effects of dairy (aka milk stuff) and salt on pastries………..both seem to be impediments in the search for a “good” pastry….
    = )

  4. Niko says

    Well, I interpreted the question as others did and but chose Pastry Cream as the most versatile component. If you had asked which was my favorite it’d have to be pastry dough, of course!

  5. says

    I am over here because I heard there is some good pole dancing going on…oops, did I put too much into that great photo LOL!

    I would love to learn more about eggs!

    Question- why does home made quick bread dry out after only a few days? Or date nut bread, when I have it in plastic wrap? Is it hubby’s fault? he he


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