The Four Loaves of the Apocalypse, or Baking with Brewers’ Yeast

More baking with brewers yeast with my Champagne Yeast Pita and Champagne Yeast Brioche Sometimes I get crazy ideas.  Like using “I Can Spell” as my campaign slogan for class secretary in 5th grade.  Or bringing my mom a plastic boat when the washing machine overflowed and flooded the kitchen.  I mean, she did say to […]

PMAT Live! Episode 12 How to Make Puff Pastry

I made this puff pastry video to go along with the post about pastry doughs from a few days ago, but I think it also deserves a post of its own. Puff pastry is one of those mythical doughs that most people think that they can’t make.  And all of them are wrong.  Honest, it’s […]

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: A Completely Un-Photogenic but Unbelievably Delicious Coffee Cake

Do you guys remember that coffee cake that your mom used to make for you for breakfast or for lunch box snacks?  The one that was tender and wonderful and had little pockets of cinnamon-y brown sugar dotting the top and buried down inside of it?  Well, that’s the one I decided to make a […]

Sunday Suppers: Especially Special Shepherd’s Pie

You’ve had it before: some type of meat in gravy topped with mashed potatoes and then baked. Kinda like a pot pie Wherein the crust is played by mashed potatoes. Some folks will only call it shepherd’s pie if it’s made with lamb, which makes sense. After all shepherds herd sheep. If it’s made with […]

Dessert Components: Pastry Dough, Part I

I wrote a post a long time ago called Edible Legos.  No, it’s not about recreating those little plastic blocks in fondant or marzipan for Home Consumption (although I suppose you could, as long as it doesn’t confuse Junior).  I was trying (and maybe failing) to come up with an Apt Metaphor for the idea […]

Sunday Suppers: A Plethora of Pizzas

Around 5:15pm the other day, I decided that it had become Necessary to have pizza for dinner.  That night.  No, I didn’t want to order pizza, and no, I didn’t have any dough On Hand.  But, the pizza gods had spoken and could not be denied.  So, I figured I’d better hie myself to the […]

Cherry Cobbler with Self-Rising Flour

Over the years, I’ve purchased many types of flour: all purpose, bread, high gluten, cake, unbleached, rye, corn, etc.  But I’ve always been leery of self-rising flour.  To me, it was just a Little Too Close to Bisquickville, and that is Not a place I want to visit. After taking a quick peek at the […]