Hot and Cold Dessert Round Up

Baked Alaska
Hello, all!  Well, waaay back on November 9th, I invited folks to send me their ideas for creative desserts that juxtapose hot and cold, either figuratively or literally.  Here's a Refresher Look at the original post, just to get us all back up to speed.

So, several readers sent in their inspired ideas.  They're too good to keep to myself, so here you go: 

A Round Up of Awesome Ideas for Hot & Cold Desserts

Here are ideas sent in my readers, either in the comments section of the first post or over on my Pastry Chef Online Fan Page on facebook.

My friend Gwyn, who happens to write a wonderful non-food blog, Dirt Under My Fingernails, submitted her idea for chocolate milk shakes and french fries.  I like it--I used to get a small Frosty at Wendy's just to dip my fries in.  The sweet-cold-creamy of the ice cream is a great contrast to the hot-salty-crunchy of the fries. (DS, are you listening)? 🙂

Reader Linda says that she makes an amazing graham cracker crust ice cream pie filled with coffee and any other flavored ice cream she wants and topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls.  She serves it with espresso.  Cold coffee versus hot coffee; sweet versus deeply, darkly, mysterious and slightly bitter.  Who says dessert all has to be on one plate?

Friend Roberta offered up the hot-cold-hot sammich of fresh brownies-ice cream-hot fudge.  Can't really go wrong there!  Also, hot apple crisp with ice cream and spicy hot chocolate with whipped cream.  She says that all of these are the "easy choices," but why are they easy?  Because hot and cold are Awesome Together.  That's why!

Dianne shared an alcoholic beverage--now we're talking--made with hot chocolate and a shot of creme de menthe.  This gets more into the figurative hot&cold.  Cool minty alcohol juxtaposed with hot creamy goodness?  Yes, please.  She also suggested making it in more of a dessert form by topping chocolate mousse with mint syrup.  Nice!  Her version of Roberta's hot-cold-hot sammich has peppermint ice cream sandwiched between a warm brownie and hot fudge.  To round out her response, she suggested hot apple pie or blackberry crumble with vanilla ice cream. Nice!

Friend Groovy from the very groovy Groovy's Ruminations says that Hot Hasty pudding with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream or just sweetened heavy cream is, besides being rather George Washington-y, Heavenly.  Don't know what Hasty Pudding is? Here you go. Thanks, Groovy!

Aoife from The Daily Spud, the fabulous blog about All Things Potato, said that Baked Alaska came immediately to mind.  Duh.  I didn't even consider Baked Alaska!  I mean, why would I think of flaming ice cream when considering hot&cold desserts?  Oh, the horror.  Well, she is absolutely right--thank you, DS, for filling in a huge gap.  Ice cream on a cake base (or not) insulated by a thick layer of Italian meringue that is then either just browned or actually Set on Fire.  Love it.  It doesn't get much hotter--or colder--than that!

Camille, who writes the packed-full-of-good-stuff blog Croque Camille and who also happens to be an Awesome Pastry Chef living in, wait for it....Paris (!), posted her entry over at her place.  She even goes through her thought process, which is always interesting to me.  What she came up with was inspired by a warm-tasting cold thing and a cold-tasting warm thing, but she decided to call it Spiced Crème Caramel with Hot Caramel Pears.  Probably a good decision!

And my entry?  Well, it's in my head, but I shall tell you about it in the hopes that I will become inspired to Actually Make It.  Or maybe you will be inspired to make it, or any one of these entries.  Or come up with your own hot and cold dessert.

Mulled Cider Granita--I thought, what better way to combine hot and cold but to take a Usually Hot Thing and freeze it?  Take your favorite recipe for mulled cider, do the egg test and see if it will behave itself when you freeze it, and then put it in the freezer, scraping it with a fork every hour or so to keep things nice and crytall-ish.  Adjust as necessary, adding either a bit of water (if there's too much sugar in it) or a bit more sugar or a glug of corn syrup (if there's not enough sugar).  I think I'd even throw in some pepper flake, let it steep and then strain it out before freezing.

So, there you have it.  A big huge Thank You to everyone who sent in their ideas or wrote a post.  I appreciate the participation, and I'll see you soon!


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    Yay! Thanks for all the hot and cold ideas! The baked Alaska has me thinking about deep-fried ice cream. Yes, it’s silly, but I admit I’m a fan. and the variations could pretty much be endless.

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