Angel Slices, My Favorite Christmas Cookie. Ever.

I am, generally speaking, a chocolate-caramel kind of girl.  For me, chocolate in combination with almost anything, from coffee to raspberry to pumpkin is a Winning Combination.  Caramel can be even more alluring than chocolate, especially when you start experimenting with flavored caramels:  red wine, honey, salt.  When it comes to desserts of the Pie […]

PMAT Live! Episode 11: Cinnamon Rolls, Baby!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I had a bit of a Hankering for cinnamon rolls on Friday.  Well, I made them and Documented (almost) Every Step.  So, without further ado, I give unto you the Cinnamon Rolls episode of PMAT Live! in which I give you an ingredient list […]

When You’re Trying to Capture a Memory, Details Count or Auntie Ev’s Plum Pudding, Part The Third

The plum puddings I made last week are not good enough to serve for Christmas.  Why?  It’s not because they turned out badly.  They actually taste quite good.  But I didn’t task myself with making Plain Old plum pudding.  My task was to make–to recreate–Auntie Ev’s Plum Pudding.  That means everything had to be perfect.  […]

Sunday Suppers, Monday Evening Edition: Matzo Ball Soup

We bought a happy turkey for Thanksgiving, and because he was happy and pecked around the base of trees and watched the sunrise and WhatNot, he was also Rather Expensive.  So, to maximize Turkey Goodness and get every centavo’s worth out of him, we made turkey stock.  A lot of turkey stock.  Like maybe 2 […]

When History, Family and Dessert Collide: Auntie Ev’s Plum Pudding, Part II

Part I I had never made plum pudding before yesterday.  It had never even crossed my mind to make it.  It was something that Auntie Ev made, and that was all there was to it.  But, since Auntie Ev is no longer with us, I decided that I would take up the Plum Pudding Mantle […]

When History, Family and Dessert Collide: Auntie Ev’s Plum Pudding, Part I

Every family has a member who acts as the binder, who keeps us all together and makes us better people just by their mere presence.  Whose essence wraps us all up in love and makes a group of disparate personalities into a family.   Our family’s binder has always been Auntie Ev.  Her binding magic was […]

PMAT Live, Episode 10: Plate-Apalooza, or Dessert Plating Tutorial

Sometimes plating a dish can be the most daunting part of making a dish. You want it to look beautiful, but you’re just not sure how to do it. I’ve been there. I am still there, on occasion. So, I thought I’d let you in on a few plating tips and tricks I picked up […]

Hot and Cold Dessert Round Up

Hello, all!  Well, waaay back on November 9th, I invited folks to send me their ideas for creative desserts that juxtapose hot and cold, either figuratively or literally.  Here’s a Refresher Look at the original post, just to get us all back up to speed. So, several readers sent in their inspired ideas.  They’re too […]