Stay Tuned for a Very Special Edition of Blossom. Um, PMAT Live! In Appreciation

I don't think that many people arrive on the Hinternet Fully Developed and Ready for Prime Time.  I know I certainly didn't.  I am indebted to many people for their encouragement and inspiration, for their advice and and this edition of PMAT Live! is dedicated to ten of those people.  I hope to make this the first in a series of Very Special Episodes, because nobody would sit through a single episode long enough to thank everyone.

If any of these folks pique your interest, please do visit their sites, blogs and/or flickr or YouTube pages.

Until next time, have a beautiful day!


  1. Huda M says

    Jen, would you please do a piece on crepes dentelle. I just had one of these (just one! Argh!) when some family came over from the US and I swooned. I’ve been looking all over the Hinternets and I’ve found one recipe which requires baking. A griddle is what I’m hoping to use and I especially want to concentrate on the wonderful caramelly flavor. Help!

    I’ll swap you my Mum’s Mincemeat biryani with green beans and potatoes recipe (childhood favorite) 😀

      • Huda M says

        You might have had them as chocolate covered crepes or Gavottes? By Loc Maria I think. They’re very popular in the US and Canada (or so the returning relatives would have me believe)

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