A Friday Afternoon Snack for My Friends: Maple Spiced Cashews

spiced cashews

I went crazy at the Indian/Pakistani grocery store a few weeks ago when I was preparing my lamb biryani for Project Food Blog 2010.  I didn’t have a recipe on me, so I just purchased a lot of biryani-ish Items.  And guess what?  Well, listen to this: Grocer Man:  Can I assist you? Me:  No […]

Bienenstich: Not For the Impatient

bienenstich kuchen

So, a good friend of mine is moving to Germany in just a couple of weeks.  As a going away Treat, I decided to make him an authentic German dessert.  You know, because he won’t be getting enough of those in Berlin.  Anyway, I thought it would be a nice Gesture, so I settled on […]

I Want To Be Your GoDaddy. Not In A Weird Way.

I like to think that my website looks Pretty Keen.  But I have no idea how it got that way.  It’s keen because Linda made it keen.  And for the longest time, I was afraid of going to WordPress.org from my cozy little home at WordPress.com.  It was like WordPress.Org was always said Sotto Voce, […]

PMAT Live! Episode 7: Pâte à Who? Pâte à Choux! as Part of a Multi-Media U-PMAT Class of the Same Name

Have you guys seen that spot remover machine Thing that you just put down on a stain on your carpet, push a button and walk away?  It’s magical.  No, I don’t have one, but I’ve seen it on Television, and I’m sure that all the claims are true.  It’s called a SpotBot, and that’s exactly […]

Sunday Suppers: A Sincere Thank You and a Big Bowl of Chicken Pot Pie

So, most of you know that I participated in Project Food Blog this year.  I made it to Round Three, at which point the bus stopped and let me off on the side of the road.  I had to walk home, and I just made it back this morning.  I’m exhausted.  I am consoling myself […]

Lemon Buttercream: Happy, Happy Birthday, Uncle Ray!

lemon and raspberry birthday cake

On October 6, 1916, Raymond Jacques Leavee was born in Hell’s Kitchen. His dad left the family when Raymond was still in single digits, and his strong-willed mother raised him alone. Fortunately, Ray was an enterprising young man, and he found ways to make money to help his mom. He wrote greeting card rhymes for […]

Dear Mattel, Ambien Is No Excuse–You People Are Just Wrong. Love, Jenni

birthday cake decorated with fresh flowers

So, The Beloved and I spent the day in Pinehurst yesterday, helping Uncle Ray celebrate his 94th birthday.  I made a cake.  See: But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.  I’m here to share with you a horror of Immeasurable Proportion perpetrated on an unsuspecting and trusting public by The Burning Hand of […]

A Cornucopia of Comfort Food

Dinner Party Menu

Voting is now open for Challenge #3.  If you’d like to attend my party, please RSVP here. Thank you, sincerely, to everyone who voted for my Challenge #2 post in Project Food Blog!  I so appreciate the support, and I now invite you to come to a dinner party held in your honor–it’s all about […]