In Honor of Butterscotch Pudding Day (September 19), I Give You: Homemade Butterscotch Pudding!

Yes, friends, you read it right.  Butterscotch pudding day is September 19.  I had a feeling you'd all want to celebrate, so my friend Jeff and I got together to make some really excellent butterscotch pudding.

"What's so great about this particular pudding, Jen?" you ask skeptically.  Well, we start off by caramelizing some sugar.  It's an extra step I take to deepen the flavors in the finished pudding. I do this because I love butterscotch pudding, and I love you guys.

Friend Jeff was not a fan of butterscotch pudding until he tried this, so give it a try!  And Happy Butterscotch Pudding Day to us all.



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