You Know What? I Just Realized That I Haven’t Had a Good Tantrum in Awhile. Indulge Me, Won’t You?

So I was talking to my friend Gary the other day, and the topic was chocolate.  More specifically, how to tell good chocolate from meh chocolate.  He told me about this site, Chocomize, that allows you to customize your chocolate.  Sounds cool, right?  But there’s customization, and then there’s Customization.  If I were running the […]

How Many Cooking Verbs Can I Perform for You In the Pursuit of Lamb Biryani?**

lamb biryani made with brown rice

***Voting Is Open*** Please click here to vote for my entry, and go to the Contestants’ Page to explore and vote for other amazing entries! This is my post for Challenge #2 in Project Food Blog.  Thanks to all of you who voted to help me advance; I truly appreciate it! Voting opens Monday, September […]

Why I Do What I Do

*Voting is now open through Thursday, September 23.  To vote pour moi, click here.  Just scroll on down to the “P’s” until you get to Pastry Methods and Techniques.  Then, click the cute little gray heart to turn it red for me! Oh, but you should have seen me when I first decided I wanted […]

In Honor of Butterscotch Pudding Day (September 19), I Give You: Homemade Butterscotch Pudding!

Yes, friends, you read it right.  Butterscotch pudding day is September 19.  I had a feeling you’d all want to celebrate, so my friend Jeff and I got together to make some really excellent butterscotch pudding. “What’s so great about this particular pudding, Jen?” you ask skeptically.  Well, we start off by caramelizing some sugar.  […]

Because Pudding Waits for No One, PMAT Live! Mini Episode: Vanilla Pudding

I know it’s Friday night and I should be dancing, yeah.  But friend Jeff came over on Wednesday, and we had a Pudding Extravaganza.  The whole idea was to make a video to commemorate Butterscotch Pudding Day–September 19.  But when Jeff got here, he allowed as how he is not such a Fan of butterscotch […]

String Theory, Or Ropa Vieja

ropa vieja

When I was in my Must-Get-Every-Niche-Cookbook-Known-to-Man phase, I acquired a wonderful little book called The Chili Cookbook, by Norman Kolpas.  Between its unpretentious soft covers, I discovered such gems as Day-After-Thanksgiving Chili, a chile-fied take on Cioppino and Ropa Vieja-Style Chili.  The Beloved and I made the latter a couple of times several years ago.  […]