Hello, Chickies!

chicken coop

Our one-of-a-kind chicken coop!

Guess what?  Sunday we all drove to the Chicken Getting Place and bought our wee chicks!  Four families went in, and we ended up with eight chicks.  All girls, of course--we're in it for the eggs, not the crowing!  At the Chicken Getting Place, also known as Ozbert Farms, they had many different kinds of chicks for sale.  They also had a huge poster with all types of breeds of chickens listed, complete with full color Illustration and egg color, and there are a ton of different kinds.  I had no idea.  The poster probably depicted at least 100 different types of chickens.  Wowie.

Let me introduce you to the girls.

1)Our Ameraucano, Vespucci

Ameraucano chick

She will lay light blue/green eggs. Yay!

2)Our Welsummer, Pauli Girl

Welsummer chick

This little girl is The Beloved's. You know how much he loves beer and brewing. He almost named her Wort, until we were able to talk him out of it!

3)Sophie's Rhode Island Red, Ginger

Rhode Island Red chick

Sophie says that her nickname is "Gigi."

4)Jackson's Welsummer, Summer

Welsummer chick

She's a little smaller than The Beloved's Welsummer. We'll see how they mature. Welsummers lay chocolate-colored eggs.

5)Don's Buff Brahma, Henrietta

Buff Brahma chick

This is Henrietta. See her feathery feet? That's a characteristic of Brahmas.

6)Sterner's Light Brahma, Hoopy

White Brahma chick

The other Brahma, Hoopy. She's one of the smallest of the chicks right now.

7)Grayson's Rhode Island Red, Copper

Rhode Island Red chick

Hello, Copper--pretty girl!

and last, but not least

8)Abbey's Ameraucana, Lady

Ameraucana chick

I wish the Ameraucanas hadn't laid down. They have blue-gray feet!

Here is the Awesome chicken house and run dreamt up by Chuck.  Seriously--he had a dream about how to build it, and it is Fabulous.  We still need to paint, of course--we want to make sure that the girls live in a Colorful Environment.

back of the coop

These are the three doors leading to the laying boxes. They open from the outside for easy access. I'm not sure if you can tell, but Chuck put fisheye door peepholes in the doors!

Coop with door open

See--we have a door AND a screen door. Pretty sweet, huh? That Chuck is gifted!

raising chicks

It's the details that count--look at the beautiful knob Susan found for the door.

We won't be getting eggs until December (they start laying at about 21 weeks), but when the girls start laying, we're thinking of making some egg custard and egg nog--two Items in which the flavor of the fresh eggs will really shine.

Wanna raise your own chicks?  Here are some Helpful Links:

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    • says

      Yes, she does! That’s to tell her apart from Copper, the other RI Red. Vespucci and Pauli Girl both have green toenails to help tell them apart from Lady and Summer. It’s very confusing! 🙂

      We are both excited about the chickens, and it’s cool to be able to share the work/cost with neighbors!

  1. alison says

    wow – you did it! my husband and i have been toying with the idea – just haven’t made the commitment yet.
    I love your co-op coop

    • says

      I wish I could take credit for the coop, Alison, but that’s all friend Chuck. He actually installed a sink down there so we can wash our hands. He just happened to have one lying around, and he mounted it on top of a cable spool as a pedestal. It even has a sprayer!

  2. Jane Field says

    Hi Jenni, Dad and I loved visiting the coop and viewing the chicks…and Hooray for Chuck, he who can build anything….We had a great visit with you and Jeffrey. Love, Mom and Dad


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