Nutella Swirl Cheesecake or Seriously, Cheesecake Factory People–Seriously? Are You Trying to Kill Us?!

Friends, I have recently discovered BJ’s.  No, not that kind of BJ.  Get your mind out of the gutter, people.  For those of you who don’t know, BJ’s is one of those buy-in-bulk membership warehouses like Costco and Sam’s Club.  There is one close to our house, and we went and checked it out, trying […]

I Always Go Nuts for Coffee and Doughnuts

homemade doughnuts

I made a rhyme.  I’m testing out the waters–considering becoming a country music songwriter.  Rhyming is important in the country music world. I’ve already got a title:  I Hope Grandpa Has His Cell Phone in Heaven.  What do you think? So, I might be lying about becoming a songwriter, but I am not lying about […]

I've Met A Mouthful O' Sunshine, and You, Sir, Are No Mouthful O' Sunshine

Last Friday evening The Beloved and I had dinner with his father, his brother and sister-in-law and their two grandchildren.  We went to a very cool restaurant in the very cool Mt. Dora, FL called Pisces Rising.  I thought that meant it would be lots of foods that change with the signs of the Zodiac […]

Due to Perseverence of Sisyphusian Proportions, I Give You PMAT Live! Episode 3c–Doin' the Pretzel Twist: Before the Twist Or How to Make Pretzel Dough

[youtube=]Friends, after much gnashing of teeth and brandishing of Clenched Fist and cursing and muttering and Stomping Off to get a frosty cold Adult Beverage, I have finally managed to convert and upload the latest PMAT Live! Episode 3c Doin’ the Pretzel Twist:  Before the Twist finds your Intrepid Heroine (moi) enlisting the aid of […]