Asian-Inspired Spicy Hot Wings

Irish dancers

The Beloved and I hosted my best friend and her family this weekend.  There are Four in that family.  In addition, we hosted another friend and his daughter.  That makes Six Altogether.  The Beloved and I generally live alone with the kittens, making 2 human-sized and 3 kitten-sized bodies in our home.  On Friday evening, […]

There Are Just a Few Things That Have Been Annoying Me, of Late.

Christmas Kitten

Photo credit I’ve tried to hold back.  Truly, I have.  But it has now gotten to the point that I must speak.  I should take the high road and talk about muffins or crepes or pudding or something, but I can no longer See the High Road because of the red Haze of Rage that […]

Smashing the Culinary Ceiling, or How to Overcome Recipe Anxiety

No pretty pictures here, people.  Just the cold, hard, sometimes uncomfortable facts of how I got to be a better cook than I used to be. Off and on, I spend time talking about becoming an automatic cook:  about letting go of fear, divorcing yourself from rigid recipes and having fun in the kitchen.  People […]

Green Tea Cranberry Sauce: Things to Do With a Bag O’ Cranberries: Part 1

homemade cranberry sauce

I try to stay away from sneaky Spend-More-to-Save-More campaigns.  I’m looking at you Kohl’s.  “It’s like getting paid to shop” my Hiney.  Sure, it sounds all innocent, but the thought process is, “I’m going to spend a Very Ton now to justify coming back next weekend to use my Special Free Money.”  I don’t know […]

Sunday Suppers (Monday Edition): The Most Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ever and Curried Vegetables over Brown Rice

Veggie curry

You prolly didn’t know this, but I am one of the Three Musketeers.  No, not those musketeers, sillies.  The Three Musketeers of the neighborhood I grew up in.  This is how it happened.  You see, my parents befriended another couple two years before either couple had children.  When my folks bought their house in 1964, […]

Friday Night–From the Sublime to the Ridiculous. Or: Foodie Movies and Feline Mayhem Or: On the Perverse Humor of the Universe

[youtube=] A few days ago, our wonderful neighbors, Thomas and Roberta, lent us their Netflix copy of Julie & Julia.  I had mixed feelings about seeing it.  I harbor a small kernel of Selfish Resentment towards the Intrepid Julie Powell.  I know I shouldn’t; I know it’s wrong.  I know it is Small-Minded and Petty […]

You Asked for It: Puff Pastry Certification PP301

You guys know I have polls on my website, right?  Don’t go look right this very second, ’cause maybe they aren’t exactly updated right now, but still.  Anyway, last month, one of the polls asked something along the lines of “What’s the most daunting task in the pastry kitchen?”  Fully one third of you guys–maybe […]