Creamsicle Pound Cake: Pound Cake Certification Class

Creamsicle Pound Cake

Yes, The University of Pastry Methods and Techniques (Mascot: Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man) is now offering another class.  No more pussy footing about with Van Halen Pound Cake here and Sammy Hagar Pound Cake there.  Oh, no–today, it’s The Whole Enchilada.  So, sit back, pull up a seat and prepare to Take Notes.  As usual, you […]

Excuse me, Waiter? I Didn’t Order Chocolate Chip Mousse.

First, I must start with an Apology.  Friend Freckles asked about how to keep mousse from getting all crunchy when you start folding the chocolate into the rest of the ingredients.  She asked this a Very Long Time ago.  I had every intention of writing an Amazing Post to answer her question, but then it […]

Sunday Suppers: Go-at Cheese and Crostini

Several years ago–well, m0re than several, if you want to get technical–The Beloved and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at a restaurant in Charlotte:  300 East.  (So, I just went to their website, and an iteration of this appetizer is still on the menu.  Keen)!  For our appetizer, they brought us (because we ordered it) […]

Retro Refrigerator Cakes: Dirt and Zebras, Oh My!

So, guess what I did a couple of Fridays ago.  Give up?  Fine.  I went with my wonderful friend and neighbor, Susan, to her daughter’s third grade class to help them make dirt cake.  Here’s how that happened.  I was lounging around on the divan, eating bon bons and petting the kitties, when Susan called, […]