In Which I Must Temporarily Forgo The Fun of the PMAT Blog to Deal with Some PCO Nuts and Bolts

[youtube=]Henri, I feel your pain. Alas friends, I have been putting this off for Ever and Ever.  “Putting off what?” you ask.  Well, as you may already know, the Amazing Linda has designed a Super Duper Site pour moi, and now poor moi has to build 456,000 links.  Give or take.  As you can imagine, […]

In the Commercial Kitchen: Meet Vollrath, The Destructor

And you thought it was Gozer.  Right.  Gozer’s got nothing on Vollrath.  Let me introduce you to him.  Vollrath is a brand name of commercial kitchen products, including steam tables, cookware and All Manner of Items for hot buffet service.  And Induction Burners.  At the restaurant, we named our induction burner Vollrath.  Because it came […]

Sunday Suppers: Thufferin' Thuccotash, PMAT Style

I am not a succotash purist.  Anemic stuff.  Corn and lima beans swimming in some white stuff.  Weee.  Nope, give me some depth of flavor; a little bite; a little meatiness from some tomatoes.  And creamy white stuff turns into a splash or two of heavy cream.  This is a wonderful fresh meal, born of […]

A Perfect Day: A Visit to Mayberry and RagApple Lassie

The Beloved planned a Day Trip for us last Saturday.  Last time we went, I took him to the beach, remember?  And I drove the whole way.  Because it was His Day.  Since Saturday was My Day, he drove all the way.  That was the First Treat.  Here are some pictures from The Drive. We […]

Product Review: Kaka'Wa Cocoa Beans, Round II

Please read my inital review here.  Let me tell you about the customer service and commitment to product integrity over at Cocoa Puro.  After I posted my review, Tom Pedersen from Cocoa Puro emailed, saying he was extremely embarrassed that my sample of Kaka’Wa Cocoa Beans were melted.  I emailed back and basically said, “No […]

Whipped Cream Pound Cake

Please don’t hold me responsible for the lyrics. Thanks. Guys, you remember good old Van Halen pound cake, right?  My friend Cindy got the original recipe from Miss Patsy, the switchboard operator at our college (yes, we had a switchboard.  That is how Old I Am).  Miss Patsy made Cindy swear not to Reveal the […]