The Great Search Term Round Up: Volume V. Plus, Shameless Teasers. I Never Said I Was Proud.

So, guys–I was going to write a lovely Sunday Supper post about some stuff I made from Farmers’ Market Bounty.  Then, I was going to write one about the Ridiculously Good chicken satay we had last night.  And then, I remembered that today is the 31st.  That’s right–the last day of the month.  It’s practically […]

The World Loves French Toast

See:  Oooooh–French Toast!  There’s a version or eight in tons of countries, whether they call it French toast or pain perdu or roti telur.  But why?  Why does everyone love this stuff?  What makes it so great?  Here are my thoughts.  I know, I know–you’ve been Dying to hear them, right? As with many dishes, […]

Ritz Carlton Blueberry Muffins: U-PMAT in Action, or Uncle Ray Meets the Muffin Method

Fun Muffin music for you. You guys know my Auntie Ev and Uncle Ray.  You met them in the Chicken Noodle Soup Episode, and some of you may have read my tribute to them in my post Anniversaries and Alzheimer’s.  The Beloved and I go and visit together about once a month or so, and […]

Sunday Suppers, Monday Edition: Frijoles y Chorizo

I admit, I used the Spanish word for beans and added that “y” in there to make it sound like some kind of authentic Mexican food.  I don’t know; maybe someone, somewhere in a wee Mexican village has rolled this number out before, but I just took inspiration from Mexican ingredients and Forged my own […]

Risotto for Dessert: How Sweet It Is!

Mushroom risotto.  Risotto with peas and asparagus.  Classic risotto flavored with saffron.  Sure, you’ve heard of these.  Risotto is a classic preparation that is a textural marvel–a slight Crunch wrapped in fluffy-smooth-Creamy wrapped in rich-silky-Flowing.  It’s the Diminutive Turducken of sides (and mains, for that matter). When I helped open a restaurant, the owner/pastry chef […]

In the Commercial Kitchen: 86 Tart!

My friend, Anna (@verysmallanna on twitter), suggested that I talk a bit about working in a professional kitchen.  I think this is a Good Idea–lots of people are intrigued by the notion of cooking for a living and wonder how just a handful of people can put out a whole restaurant’s worth of food in […]

I Have a Wee Announcement…

I was looking at all my blog statistics yesterday, and it seems that my last post was Post Two Hundred.  I kind of already knew that, and I debated about whether to make the 200th post be all Yay Me and such.  In the end, I decided that I should just go with my Theme […]

Custard Cousins

Hello, friends.  so, here’s a question/topic I received via email a few days ago: Hey, I read your blog article about Puddings/Custards and found it very informative.  I was wondering if you could touch on the comparison between Pots de Creme, Creme Brulee, and Creme Caramel (Flan) and explain the differences.  What makes them more […]