Sunday Sippers: Introducing the Bergamo(t)jito

How's that for a lovely Sunday Beverage?

How's that for a lovely Sunday Beverage?

Well, it is a lovely 800 degree day here in The Triangle.  As much as I enjoy making a nice Sunday Supper, today just seemed more conducive to a sipper--a frosty cold refreshing Adult Beverage.  One made from the Bounty in our yard.  Remember a couple of days ago I posted about those crazy mint flowers?  Well, many folks, including my long-lost-then-found-again-through-facebook college friend Cindy said, "Hey, those dudes look a lot like bergamot."  All I could think of was Earl Grey tea, and they didn't really have all that going on, so I went out into the Hinternet and found out that bergamot the herb (from the Mint Family) is named after bergamot the bitter orange because it has sort of an orange-y perfume.  I think that's kind of a stretch, but they are minty and wonderful and Attractive, so I am just going with it.

So, here's the beverage:  The Bergamo(t)jito, or just the Bergamojito.  The parenthetical T might be a bit much.  Sorry.

Bergamojito (serves one)

  • 16 (or so) bergamot or mint leaves
  • several Attractive bergamot flowerettes
  • about 1 1/2 tsp coarse sugar (I used demerara)
  • a smallish wedge of a well-scrubbed lime
  • 1 1/2 shots white rum
  • a Very Ton of ice
  • enough club soda to fill the glass

Bergamojito ingredients

See, the coarse sugar helps muddle things up really nicely.

See, the coarse sugar helps muddle things up really nicely.

Put the leaves, flowerettes, sugar and lime in the bottom of a nice tall glass.  Mash them together really well.  I don't own a muddler, so I just used the back of a spoon and mashed away.  You could use simple syrup to sweeten this, but the coarse demerara crystals do a Fine Job of bruising the mint and coaxing the oils out of the lime skins.

Leave a tall iced tea spoon in the glass, and throw in a handful of ice, a few more flowerettes and more ice to fill the glass.

Pour in the rum and then jiggle the spoon up and down while you pour in some club soda to top things off.  This makes things all nice and mixed.

Then, sit out on the porch with your Beloved and Enjoy.  Oh, don't forget to actually make your Beloved a beverage.  I made two, so I was happy to share with my Beloved.

So, how did it taste?  Very herbal and a bit peppery and lime-y and barely sweet and Extremely Refreshing.  I highly recommend that you make one immediately.


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    Ahhhh! I do miss the impressively oppressive steambath that is Raleigh in the summer. But what a refreshing drink from those cool flowers! We have run-of-the-mill mint taking over our front garden so I’ll have to find the bergamot mint elsewhere. Good excuse to get off my blogging behind and see the world! 😎

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    I could really have done with one of these today, it’s scorching here! Looks like just the thing for the hot weather.

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    What Cubans call a mojito, Kiple at BG called a Green Hell.

    Bergamot is my favorite single-herb tea, ever. Love the Bergamojito for the mijitos in all of us.

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