Raisin Hell

Personally, I am a fan of the raisin.  I kinda dig their wrinkly little skins.  I love their sweet chewiness.  I enjoy biting into one in the middle of a big old oatmeal cookie–a fruity surprise.  My friend, Nadine, loathes raisins.  Shriveled grapes, she calls them.  Yeah, I suppose they are shriveled grapes, but shriveled […]

It Came to Me in a Dream

The Hinternet is a Large and Wonderful place.  I can be going along and going along doing my thing, and a couple of Items will Strike me and make me Ponder.  Usually, I find these items in disparate places.  But they come together in kind of a Hinternet Harmonic Convergence.  And then, the Magic 8 […]

Lemon Pudding Cake or In Which Poor Brave Patricia is Forced to Work for The Devil

Do you guys remember the horror with Time Warner Cable last week?  Remember José and how he’s dead to me?  Remember the angst? the woe? the gnashing of teeth? the making of chocolate pudding?  Relive the horror, or live it for the first time here. And now, in the immortal words of Paul Harvey, here […]

"Why Not a Vegetable Sorbet?" I Ask You. And, of Course, You Love the Idea. Right?

Friends, the weather is getting warmer and the vegetables are Happening.  Very exciting.  I’m not sure if you’ve been able to read between the lines and discern that I am not a Huge Vegetable Fan, but it’s true.  Sad to say, I have only really gotten into enjoying veggies in the last (covers mouth and […]

A Techniques Primer: Custards and Puddings

A reader, Pam, “delurked” yesterday to ask for clarification about putting together a custard.  When to use butter; when not to use butter.  She also said (tongue in cheek, I hope) that she was afraid that I would tap my foot disapprovingly and ask her why she hadn’t been paying attention all along.  Well, fear […]