Spanikopita and Hummus: Sunday Superbowl Suppers: Saturday Edition

Anyone who knows me is aware of what an avid sports fan I am.  I will wait for you all to stop laughing.  Ahem.  Let me rephrase.  Anyone who knows me is aware that a)I take “heads up” literally, and I get hit in the face with the ball and my glasses break, b)The extent […]

That Sugar Cost How Much?!

Can a Suc Puzzle Sugar

Do you guys see those little puzzle pieces?  Cool, huh?  They’re pressed from either refined white, demerara or light brown sugar.  The product is called Puzzles de Sucre.  It is French and is produced by Can a Suc, whose tag line is “Le charme de l’instant cafe.”  Roughly translated, “the charm of instant coffee.”  Hmmm.  […]

The Coolest Cookbook Ever.

Scott’s mother passed away a couple of years ago, and because he is a dear and wonderful friend, he brought me a couple of her cookbooks after he and his siblings cleared out her house.  When my own grandfather died, all I got was some old bath towels, so imagine my delight at this completely […]

The Muffin Method

Here’s another one of those basic mixing methods that can really mess us up.  Sure, it sounds like a day at the beach:  Dry in one bowl.  Wet in another.  Wet on dry.  Stir, stir, stir.  Bake and hope for the best.   You’ve got two basic options when it comes to making muffins:  you […]

Pastry Smackdown: Pie v Tart

In this corner, wearing the short, sandy trunks: CHOOOOOC-O-lit TAAArrrt!  And in this corner, wearing the long, flaky trunks:  AAAApul PIIIIEEEEEE! Pie versus tart; tart versus pie.  What is the deal, exactly?  I read a blog post the other day about a pie pan.  My first thought was, rather rudely, “big deal,” as I listened […]

I Am Officially Fabulous!

It’s official!  I have received my first blog award from my Irish potato-lovin’ friend over at The Daily Spud!  Yay!  I didn’t have anything prepared for my acceptance speech, so I will just say:  1)thank you very much.  2)Hi, Mom.  3)I’m goin’ to Disneyland. 4) Thank you for noticing my fabulousness. Along with this award […]