I've Been Tagged!

I've Been Tagged!

I've Been Tagged!

Here's how that went:  I am on twitter.  One of my twitter friends, @kidappeal, who blogs about crafty ways to get your children to eat healthy food, "tagged" me.  That means that now I must tell you Seven Interesting Or Strange Things About Myself, and then spread the love to seven other bloggers.  Fun!  First though, a bit about Jenna's blog, Food with Kid Appeal! Jenna is a tireless advocate for real food.  That makes her A-Okay in my book.  She teaches folks that food is fun, and healthy food shouldn't taste like cardboard.  You should seriously go check her out.

Now, onto the Seven Things.  Here goes:

1.  I was the first kid in my first grade class to get glasses, and I've worn them ever since.  Never had contacts--with glasses, I save money on concealer:)

2.  My British grandmother lived with us for the first 6 years of my life.  I apparently had a wee bit of a British accent as a kid.  Even now, I easily adopt the accent of pretty much whoever I'm talking to.  I'm not making fun, honest.  I just can't help it.

3.  For a 5th-grade writing assignment, I submitted a poem called "Tears."  The teacher read it aloud and then proceeded to state that it must have been copied from a book, because there was no way a 5th grader could have written it.  I wanted to hide under the desk.  I told my mom; she wrote an angry note to the teacher.  I tore it up without her knowing.  I was a wuss as a little kid.

4.  I used to teach Special Education before my conversion on the Road to Damascus.  I even have an M.Ed. in Behavioral Handicaps.  Sixteen years in a business with a five-year burnout rate.  I finally had to just stop and bake.

5.  When I met my now-husband, I loathed him.  Now, he is my favorite person ever, and I can't imagine life without him.  Big lesson in re-evaluation for a Judgmental Girl.

6.  About 10 years ago, we were living in a condo in the center square of Hollywood Squares.  Neighbors on all sides--windows only at the front and back.  At any rate, getting ready for work one day, I heard a woman in the parking lot shrieking, "She's having a baby!" at the top of her lungs.  I knew I'd be late for work, but I wandered down to see what all the fuss was about.  Sure enough, the lady in the place underneath ours was on the bathroom floor with one baby out and another on the way.  I took over the 911 call from Hysterical Woman.  We tied off cords and what-not.  Then, the paramedics/firemen came, and I wandered off to work.  A few weeks later, one of our volunteers at work said she was fostering baby twins who had been born in a bathroom.  Same kids!  Small world.  I have pictures of me holding them.

7.  I went to a then-microscopic college in South Carolina--Coker College.  There were only 72 people in our graduating class.  It's amazing how such a small school could attract nothing but cool, amazing people.  Thanks to facebook, I see them all the time!

I trust you all haven't been too horrified by these revelations.  If you have been, to take your mind off of it, let's move on to the tagging part of the operation!

My friend from college, Donna, has a very cool blog about knitting.  She also spins her own yarn.  That Donna is very crafty.  If you're into knitting and yarn and such, do go visit Donna Knits and Spins.

For a wild mix of amazing food and off-center humor, visit my friend Achim Thiemermann's blog, Chef Keem's Squid Kitchen.  You will laugh, you'll learn something about food, and you'll get to know Chef Keem for yourself.  He's one in a million!

Go read Joe Pastry.  You must.  He's about the science of baking, along with a sense of humor.  Perhaps we were separated at birth?  Go read, then decide!

I don't know where I've been, but I've just recently discovered Seven Spoons. Tara, from Ontario writes this wonderful blog.  I love the look of it.  I love the photos.  I love her logo!

What I Cooked Last Night--I love this.  It is what it is. This Australian food blog is(mostly) about what they cooked for dinner last night.  My kind of cooking, too--heavy on technique, light on recipes.

My Husband Cooks--the name makes me smile.  Very cool food (mostly) blog by a wonderful couple who live outside of Washington, DC.  Plus, they wrote a book Cole Family Christmas.  It is based on an old family story.  First a pamphlet, now it's a real live for-sale-in-the-store book!

Grocery Guy--He cooks; he rants; he curses.  He makes a mean pot of chili.  Check it out!

And that's it.  I am mulling over ideas for posts between now and Christmas.  If you have any ideas or burning questions about a particular recipe or technique, leave a comment.


  1. says

    Thanks for the sweets, Jenni. I love #6 and I can identify with #2. In my own head, I hear myself speaking with a perfect accent of my choosing. Funny, my audience always asks me where I’m from. I kinda hate that discrepancy in me hearing myself and how others hear me. “Ahm from Awstin, Texas, Ma’am!” People respond: “I like your accent – where are you from?” Me: “Can’t you hear my twang?” Them: chuckle…

  2. Cindy Hylton says

    WOW. You continue to amaze me, girl!!!…Those small colleges….never know what might come outta them….but one thing you DO know……..they’ll all be AMAZING!!! : )
    Keep it up…I love this site!!!

  3. melissa says

    What? Were there really only 72 of us? I must have been living in a fog – as that number struck me as unbelievable. I believe you – but SHEESH – we felt like a bigger group. Probably because our quality was SO HIGH.

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