Are You Kidding Me, Little Debbie?!

I have a confession to make.  I was raised on Little Debbie Snack Cakes.  I know the song (Little Debbie, Little Debbie, Little Debbie Little Debbie and a glass of ice cold milk…)  I can taste the difference between the cream in the Oatmeal Cream Pie and the cream in the Swiss Cake Rolls blindfolded.  […]

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

cinnamon rolls

Hello, all!  I have missed you and this blog.  I made myself stay away over the Christmas “break” so the Beloved and I could have lots of quality Winter Wonderland time.  Mission accomplished.  Plus, we’ve finished Dexter, Season 1!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and thank you for all of your well wishes […]

Traditional Boozy Eggnog

I, myself, enjoy a good nog.  I grew up drinking the carageenan thickened, yellow, fake-nutmeg flavored um…..liquid….from the grocery store.  I used to like that stuff a lot.  Now, well, ick.  There are a couple of reasons for my change of heart.  One:  I grew up.  Two:  I enjoy natural ingredients.  I really grok that […]

Lemon Curd, Two Ways

Little Miss Muffet has ruined lemon curd with her stupid bowl of curds and whey.  Let me set the record straight.  Little Miss Muffet was most likely eating cottage cheese.  Little white curds in some milky whey.  Ah!  Milky Whey!  Get it?!  Ahem. Lemon curd, on the other hand, is the smoothest, most lemony goodness […]

Oprah Doesn't Always Know Best

So, the Beloved got home early today.  I was watching Oprah.  This is not a daily occurence.  I watch her sometimes, but other times, I just can’t take the blinding glow of her halo, you know?  Anyway, this was her Favorite Things episode.  People probably sell their kidneys to get tickets to this show, because […]

My Secret Holiday Dessert Weapon: Riesling Granita

This stuff is pure gold.  You will love it; I’m telling you.  Riesling granita is a wonderful, icy-cold, winey-sweet dish.  It is a perfect light ending to a heavy holiday meal.  While your guests might balk at a rich dessert, they’ll be lining up for this granita.  Trust me.  And, no, you don’t have to […]

I've Been Tagged!

Here’s how that went:  I am on twitter.  One of my twitter friends, @kidappeal, who blogs about crafty ways to get your children to eat healthy food, “tagged” me.  That means that now I must tell you Seven Interesting Or Strange Things About Myself, and then spread the love to seven other bloggers.  Fun!  First […]